Poor Summer Shipp

Poor Summer Shipp.   This woman, who was a canvasser going from door to door, got killed by a local psycho.  He killed her “because she was a government agent.”  There are MANY such people in this world, and in  particular, the USA!  It seems to be getting worse.  When I was growing up, there were not nearly as many shocking crime events, as in these times.

People are always touting Charles Manson as the epitome of evil, and for sure I am glad I will never know him- but there are minds that put him to shame.  Another local insurgent, nut job.    *groannn*

The ‘hood is full of idiots that think in this manner.  “The government wants to take away my drugs!”… “The government is watching me.”  SO WHAT?  The government SHOULD watch some of these dick weeds.  There was a shooting a year or so ago down the street that happened in such a manner.  The spaced out fool thought his buddy was “puttin’ the feds on him.”  A penny ante crack dealer.  Shot his friend deader than a door nail.

People are in love with the extreme.  They do not even WANT peace and stability.  Their self esteem is so low, they do not think they deserve it, I guess.


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