Kansas City East Side Crime Map

Meanwhile.. here is a map of Northeast crime.  This is the Murder Factory Area.  The little car icons are Auto Theft. The fists are assaults.  The masks are burglaries.  The olive like little lock icons are drug arrests.  Dunno what the numbers mean.  The whistles are arrests.  So.. you can get the idea.  This is the crime action for only 10 days on the East Side.  This is a small part of Kansas City holy cats.

Northeast Crime Map

The Ass Kickin’ World of the Poor

The temperature goes up.  A lot of street action, the sirens going off.  I go to the El Mercado Fresca and get some marinated pork for Tacos Al Pastor.  They have it at the meat counter pre-marinated.

A wreck almost head on at Van Brunt and Independence avenue, no one was hurt.  I turn right on Van Brunt and go around it.  Then,  at El Mercado Fresca.  Chrystal is out there, pretty,  and some some of the other street girls.

Then, back into my mouse house like a safe mouse.

graves (2) blog

I stop and photograph the graves of these unfortunate men, shot down at 11th and Spruce several months ago.  Who knows what it was about?  This is right down near the auto body places and the scrap yard, the metal recyclers.  Why do I even write this blog?  Because I love to write.

A Americanized Curry- Not bad!

I used “She’s got Flavor” recipe.  Google “She’s got Flavor” Braised Chicken curry.  There is also a YouTube Vid.  Bottom line– the only “exotic” things in this are curry powder, and ground ginger.   It uses heavy cream for the sauce.  The other spices are very common,  Thyme,  garlic powder, pepper, sugar.  I also used half and half or even water to make extra sauce (I like the sauce).  It uses cooking sherry,  but I suspect it ain’t required.  I tried adding potato. Nah, wasn’t very good.  I added dried cranberries to it halfway through the simmer (this tasted good).

curry cream (1) (Mobile)

It’s very creamy.  Has lots of flavor, but it’s not super strong.   Here is a shot of the bowl I just ate, and I like it a lot.  30 minutes to make, cheap to make too since chicken thighs and legs are very cheap in the USA.  The meat in this recipe cost about 70 cent for four thighs.  Easily 2 meals for me.  Heavy cream 16oz was $1.29 but you could use Half n half, or plain yogurt if you wanted.  Or perhaps even plain milk, with corn starch to thicken it, or Coconut milk.  I used Coconut milk last time.  Utokia’s website is  She’s Got Flavor 

curry cream (3) (Mobile)

Well, I like it a lot and will make it again and again.

Lunch Truck Style Tacos Cheap

Boy after the last tacos I got from the Mexican stores.. man.. I decided to make my own!  They were on sale, but they don’t discard the old meat they don’t sell.  They keep it and boy.. I thought I got food poisoning!


I went to Sav A Lot.  They got 70count Corn tortillas for $1.79.  Ground beef is on sale at Price Chopper for $1.99 which is unbelievably cheap these days.

I have a gas stove.  So I chopped up some cilantro and lime.

THEN.. started the crumbled hamburger cooking over medium heat..and started cooking the corn tortillas on a separate burner, turned very low, about simmer.   I seasoned the hamburger with just some Seasoned Salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  I don’t even like the taco seasonings.

As the burger cooked, I started cooking the tortillas, one at a time. exactly 15 seconds each side timed with a kitchen timer, while I kept a eye on the hamburger.

* Note: the tortillas are cooked without a skillet, the tortilla resting on the burner grate..the fire turned low so it won’t set the tortilla on fire or burn it too bad.  You want a few little spots on it..but dont over cook.

I cooked the hamburger until JUST done.. just when the pink went away.. I turned off the skillet.

I like to whisk the tortilla quickly through the hamburger oil to flavor it,  but just whisk it through a little.  Just a tiny bit..so the oil slightly glistens.   Adds some flavor.

Then, filled the warmed tortillas.  They should have a few burnt spots on them, but they should still be very soft.. don’t cook them too long or they will get stiff.  You sort of stir fry the hamburger.  You don’t have to add oil to the skillet, the hamburger will make it’s own oil.

And…it was a very fine meal for very cheap.  It cost only about 30 cents total each taco.  I like cilantro on mine with squeezed lime.

Update: Just made these with some of the Uncle Steve’s Famous Pinto beans in the slow cooker, hotted up with Jalapeno and Hot sauce from across the street.  YUMMY!  The lime really enhances the tacos.. it’s great.  Boy what a tasty meal that was.

More and More Violence

There is more shit happening around here than ever.  I dunno what it is!  I am not sure if my count is right, but there has been 11 shootings around here in about 2 weeks or so, including the poor Transgender getting run over up at Independence Avenue and Spruce.

Some, are along Independence Avenue.  Some, are at the 23rd and Van Brunt area, one of the worst areas in my opinion.   The area north of the VA hospital.

It’s pointless.. people are senseless and selfish.

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Meditation Music for a Wild World

Zen Meditation Reiki Music 6Hours  This music I find great to write by,  to think and study by.  It is cold out and I am grateful,  grateful just to have the heat on.   To be by myself away from their hustling and competitiveness.

They are disagreeing everywhere you look.  They are shook up about something or other, just about everywhere.  Someone is winning.. someone is losing.

I like Body Mind Zone.  Here is the Body Mind Zone Channel,  which has good and original ones.  Very original, not the same old ones.  These are sleepy time,  very slow ones, that I like.

To step back from the world,  and see it like a painting.