Chris Kidd- Mobile Mechanic

Today I used Chris Kidd, Mobile mechanic.  816-337-5840 He found that I had a hole in my brake line,  and fixed the blower motor on my 1989 Ford F150.    Cost me about.. $180 I think, parts and labor.  Pretty good deal and I am well pleased with the Ford F150 back in shape.  That A/C blows ice cold.  One thing, we did not replace the blower resistor on it.

The blower resistor must have fried out when the Fan motor died, as for the brake line, I have no clue.  Fried the fuse, resistor, and the motor on it.  The brakes? I’d have NEVER guessed it was the brake line.  Chris guessed that immediately.  I thought it was the master cylinder.

Chris is very tenacious and I like that.  It is hot as blazes out..and it actually took us about 4 hours or more.  We had to run around getting parts..some of the parts we could not get, some of the other parts we had to go to the hardware store to get.   This is what I HATE about working on cars!  The parts..there were several different motors and fans for the old Truck for crying out about just ONE FAN for them all?   The bleeder screws were different sizes too.

Fortunately, on the 1989 Ford F150 the blower assembly is right there in the engine compartment, it comes out with only 5 screws.  Later on, the geniuses decided to bury it under the dash.  I had thought the fan motor was going to be the difficult part.

We had to pull the truck around behind a vacant building where we could work on it safely.  The old Ford.. one of the bleeder screws was rusted shut, so we had to get a new bleeder screw.  He was honest and saved me money.  The kid’s a worker.  He cheerfully dived right in on that old rusty Ford.  A sweaty, dirty job, with the annoying setbacks that come with working on cars, particularly, old cars.

That is two straight success stories with the Craigs List mobile mechanics.  On these jobs, they are MUCH better than the shops around here.  I had one shop damage my old Isuzu Trooper..a real idiot.  He still charged me $120 and he just ruined my front spindle.  He could not get my brake rotor off, so he heated the devil out of it with a blowtorch- ruining the spindle.     Then I took it to Enrique LaChispa to fix it.   Enrique went to the junk yard and got me a whole spindle.  I like La Chispa and St. John Brake and muffler- but they are always busy.

When using the mobile mechanics, I suggest contacting them and see if they are familiar with your vehicle.


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