The Start

This is a blog about Urban Survival, and the events going on around me in Kansas City, MO. It is about the lives that people are leading, that work in the grocery stores, live on the streets, drive the trucks, and work in the restaurants.

It is about, strategies for survival in America. It is about, the mix of people, and the events that happen.  It is about.. what happens in real life, or just the small glimpse of real life, that is happening all around me.

I’m a local here, several generations of Americans.  Part native american, I’m a card carrying native of the Cherokee nation.  Fat lot of good that it will do you here too.  You don’t get a lot of free stuff.

Nope.  America is about predation, and getting whatever the market will bear, for whatever it is you are selling, regardless of the consequences of your actions.  I started this blog a couple of years ago, and now, I will start adding to it more.

I had an old RV that I bought,  deciding I was going to be totally independent.  It WAS pretty much fun, but I do not recommend this.  The problem is the RV hookup, and a place to park it.  Most RV generators use too much fuel.  Mine did, my old one.  I just lived down at my terminal, my truck terminal.  However, I toughed it out a year, squatted down at the truck terminal.  One guy was going to make a home out of old shipping containers,  container trailers like they put on ships.  Money talks.  You will HAVE to have MONEY.  I like old Ed Romney’s “Living well on practically Nothing”. His advice is solid.  The RV is NOT as comfortable as a apartment or house with running water.  Finding a place to park it..can be expensive.

This blog is NOT about which gun to buy, or how to sew yourself up after being shot, etc.  At least, so far.  This is a touchy subject.  People DO get shot around here.. even the most weiner round.. a .32, or .25.  You are likely going to hurt someone for the REST OF THIER LIFE.   This blog is about avoiding, adapting.  It is not a blog about.. a future society where we are like animals.

It is the simplest blog template I could use.. hoping for the fastest bandwidth.   It is about surviving NOW.. as it society as it is ..RIGHT NOW.

Here is a photo of the old R.V. I had down in the bottoms.. cost me $1500.  Eh it was all right.. but a RV is not practical without electricity and water.  You need a GOOD generator.  A cheap apartment is a better deal, at least, around here.  The RV hookup parks are  VERY expensive.   The other bad aspect is the water you need for showers and stuff.  If I ever do it again, which is not likely, I’d get an old school bus and fix it up.


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