Plasti Dip Your Car

Don’t put a cheap paint job on that car.  Plasti Dip it!  It’s even cheaper.  I came across this while wandering on YouTube.   These gear heads figured out a way to use Plasti Dip for a cheap paint job.

This link brings up a bunch of videos of Plasti Dippers.

Plasti Dip is stuff they came out originally to dip your tools in, so you would have a plastic handle.  These guys are in full swing.. figuring out how to put Pearl, Metalflake in it and everything else.

WHy do it?   1. it’s cheap.   2. just a clean surface- no sanding, no bondo.   3. Don’t like it?  Peels right off.

There are several Manufacturers getting behind it.  Armorall,  Eastwood, and others.

Here is a FAQ about using the stuff.   How long it lasts, etc.

They’re Plasti Dipping boats, and everything (but not the hulls I don’t think.)  It can be applied with a cheap Wagner Sprayer.  As a matter of fact,  they say the Wagner is one 0f the best.  It can applied outdoors.   It’s cheap to do.

As usual, a debate rages over whether to do it or not.   It just depends upon your situation,  I would guess.  Might be good for a Farm truck, or older car.  The key is CHEAPER.   As Plasti Dipping your car gets more sophisticated,  it gets more expensive.

As usual,  I listen to my favorite 10 H0urs Relaxation Music. 


Defeat of the Rivets

Man.. I did not have the tools to take the rivets off of the BMW window regulator off.  They are made out of frigging KRYPTONITE or something.   Just my luck.  Tried to dremel them,  but I just had a cheap cordless “knockoff” dremel.   It would take me a day to take that thing off.

SO.. I went to a local body shop.   The worker just brought his fine air drill and chisel and whanged them right off.  He only charged me $20 well worth it.  You have to have tools,  and GOOD tools.

Computers require incredible patience,  but working on cars, they are something else.  Always you need a new tool, a new part, or somethings broken off.   Working on my E Commerce scripts, my little pinkies are nice and white and clean.  But a car?  You can cut yourself,  the fuckin thing can fall on you,  burn yourself,  or electrocute yourself.

The Mysterious- world o’ Cars

Cars are great- until they break down, that is.  There are so many differences in the models, years, and even mid years, it drives a person nuts.   You have to study and study about what you are doing, unless you are familiar with that particular car.   Mine is a 1994 BMW E36.  This is the 318is Coupe.  It’s ok, but it is OLD.   I liked my Ford F150 better.

Door regulator (Mobile)I’ve been studying for weeks.  Got the Alternator on there.  Now I am studying the power doors.  It is complicated by waiting on parts, and getting the right tools.

I want to change the oil, and flush the coolant.  This car has close to 200k miles on it.  When I change that oil,  I am gonna add some AT205 seal conditioner to it, to see if I can help it out.    It needs a Oxygen sensor in it too.   All of these repairs are within my skill level,  but I still have to study, study, study.

The GearHead forums will show you the way.   Just type “Forum” and whatever model of car you have into Google.  Like “Forum Ford F150” and that will get you started.   If you are lucky, you can save the car.

Great Gearheads- these are my heroes.    Few people realize the pains and study that must be taken to fix stuff.  Like the Furnace,  for instance.  I have no idea what happened to that,  but I am focused now on finishing this automotive project.  Actually- these are lightweight,  easy repairs.  BUT- they must be done correctly,  or else you’ll have more problems,  maybe even worse ones.

When you are fixing  cars,  often,  so very often- the problem will not be diagnosed correctly in the first place.


You MUST have a Car in the USA- Even in the Inner City

The bus system in Kansas city is terrible.  Unless you live on a direct route, it will take you hours to get to the simplest destination.  Even a destination only a couple of miles away.  The fare is $1.50.  Most people only take them for a short hop,  unless they are lucky enough for a direct connection.

This does not compare to many places in the world,  such as Bangkok, for instance.  They have trikes, vans, and even “moto taxis”,  where you hop on to the back of a motorcycle!  They have Rickshaws, buses,  and water taxis.

Why is this not the case in the USA?  One reason is the monopoly that Taxi cab companies have on a taxicab license.   They were expensive enough, at a few thousand dollars,  years ago.  Now they are through the roof, and certain people want to keep it that way.  In Seattle, for instance, a Taxi license is $360,000.   And that ain’t hay!

I’ve tried to drive a taxi before, and it is a ridiculous joke of a job.  I do not remember what that rental fee was on that cab.   I think it was $250 you had to pay, before you started making money for yourself.  The lease was $250 per day.

Chris Kidd- Mobile Mechanic

Today I used Chris Kidd, Mobile mechanic.  816-337-5840 He found that I had a hole in my brake line,  and fixed the blower motor on my 1989 Ford F150.    Cost me about.. $180 I think, parts and labor.  Pretty good deal and I am well pleased with the Ford F150 back in shape.  That A/C blows ice cold.  One thing, we did not replace the blower resistor on it.

The blower resistor must have fried out when the Fan motor died, as for the brake line, I have no clue.  Fried the fuse, resistor, and the motor on it.  The brakes? I’d have NEVER guessed it was the brake line.  Chris guessed that immediately.  I thought it was the master cylinder.

Chris is very tenacious and I like that.  It is hot as blazes out..and it actually took us about 4 hours or more.  We had to run around getting parts..some of the parts we could not get, some of the other parts we had to go to the hardware store to get.   This is what I HATE about working on cars!  The parts..there were several different motors and fans for the old Truck for crying out about just ONE FAN for them all?   The bleeder screws were different sizes too.

Fortunately, on the 1989 Ford F150 the blower assembly is right there in the engine compartment, it comes out with only 5 screws.  Later on, the geniuses decided to bury it under the dash.  I had thought the fan motor was going to be the difficult part.

We had to pull the truck around behind a vacant building where we could work on it safely.  The old Ford.. one of the bleeder screws was rusted shut, so we had to get a new bleeder screw.  He was honest and saved me money.  The kid’s a worker.  He cheerfully dived right in on that old rusty Ford.  A sweaty, dirty job, with the annoying setbacks that come with working on cars, particularly, old cars.

That is two straight success stories with the Craigs List mobile mechanics.  On these jobs, they are MUCH better than the shops around here.  I had one shop damage my old Isuzu Trooper..a real idiot.  He still charged me $120 and he just ruined my front spindle.  He could not get my brake rotor off, so he heated the devil out of it with a blowtorch- ruining the spindle.     Then I took it to Enrique LaChispa to fix it.   Enrique went to the junk yard and got me a whole spindle.  I like La Chispa and St. John Brake and muffler- but they are always busy.

When using the mobile mechanics, I suggest contacting them and see if they are familiar with your vehicle.

Through the Cracks of American Cities

People have devastating problems around here, that could be solved for a few dollars.  Cars, for instance.  Often people cannot afford to fix their cars.  A solution for that could be to just sell it.  Junkmen are paying up to $400 for cars around here.  With, or without the title.  However,  this might be driving the price of used cars UP.   Yup you can get $300 outta the sled, title, or no.

The bus CAN be used to get around, but it is really not practical.  You can get stranded, on a Sunday, for instance.  The fare has really gone up, too.  It costs $1.50 to ride nowadays.

Buying the car is just the start of the expenses on it.  They have the “personal property tax” around here.  Inspection, insurance, and other fees bump it up to about $350 to get a car legal.

THEN.. there is the angst of getting your car stolen.  People do that around here, they do it out in the suburbs.  It is a devastating blow.

It happens to the rich, also, and it is nothing new.  Doris Day, for instance, was married to a monster.  That guy should be strung up.  There are all sorts of games being played in the world.  Nothing, is as it seems.  In life it is hard not to become completely cynical.

We should treat one another as if we were golden,  but unfortunately, we do not.

The Quest o’ the Poor

The many hoops that the homeless have to jump through. To survive in America, you must have that fire triangle I call it. That is:

  • A place to stay
  • A car
  • A phone

The bus system won’t cut it, at least not in many cities.  It takes you too long to get where you are going.  The bus is too slow to be a viable commuter option.  In New York or Boston people take Taxis, but they are too expensive here. In Kansas City, a damn bus pass is $70.  Now who can afford that?   Especially hard is people who other issues, such as drugs or alcohol problems.  As I stated many times in this blog.. the poor cannot afford to be drunks or drug addicts.

They live frantic lives, dependent upon the good will of others. Many people are nice, despite the gloom of much of this blog. They are nice, but a couple of bucks always helps out too.  If you show mercy to others, they will often show mercy to you.  Despite the problems, many people have been merciful to me, and I often forget that.

The government helps poor people, but they make people jump through 800,000 fences.  Nope we ain’t a welfare state.  I wonder how many fences Emron had to jump through?  The Rockefellers or George W. Bush?  If the government had examined Emron half as closely as a food stamp applicant, well we might be quite better off today.

I have wasted my time in life and many ways, but the biggest waste was doing the military thing.  Eh it could be o.k. if you stayed on as a Lifer.  It is the big thing these days.  I remember back in the 70’s when people actually started to wake up.  I guess not.  I guess they are never gonna wake up.