Women get the WORST of it

Women get the worst o fit.. in society’s general evil.  That is what I think.  I see some of the worst behaviors of women here in this area.   These chicks will make a CROW blush, and they can be downright murderous.   Many are dirty, filthy, and even stink.   They are hard to deal with,  because they will rip you off.  But- how hard people are on them!

Few people realize about the fights between women.  One famous fight was down at the Apple Market, when Cassandra the checkout girl, and a customer who was bad mouthing one of her children duked it out right at the cash register.

Brandis, who is deceased,  learned she had to fight, as she was prostituting and using drugs.  The other girls would beat her ass and take her money.  She finally cut one girl bad (according to the other girls).   Many these girls carry knives.   Some are passive and sweet.  Others are real bitches.    They are really into “living the life.”  Man, why don’t they watch “Ozzie and Harriet?”  Change the channel or something.   People design their own delusion, then it becomes real.

People are like animals in Northeast.   I see the splendid lives a few people have lived in America, but it is not like that around here.   There’s no hope, not real hope,  around here.  They’ll get these hot flashes of determination,  but their bubble soon gets burst.

It blows me away seeing their problems.

As the song goes.. “I don’t need your war machines,  I don’t need your ghetto scenes.”

BUT.. as far as the world goes, women,  even these tough street women,  they seem get the WORST of it.   They are stupid idiots,  that is for sure,  but boy, do they ever GET IT.

“Let the scars of others teach us wisdom”– Confucius (or somebody like that).

“The bravest battle that ever was fought!
Shall I tell you where and when?
On the maps of the world you will find it not;
‘Twas fought by the mothers of men.”

(eh by SOMEBODY” dunno who)

The Abuse of Women

Being of the male gender myself,  well.. I am always worried about women..”screwing me over.”  Ripping me off, etc.  Even harming me!  Men, in general, are always worried about it.

Bambi comes up and does my kitchen, her work, how she helps me it is priceless!  They do many other tasks, not to mention bearing a man into this world.

The mother gives you your body.  Still people treat them like shit!  Just basic courtesy.  Such as.. NOT BEATING THEM IN THE HEAD.   Women, even treat other women like crap!  Gossiping, undermining them, putting them down, etc.

I’ve heard them gossip as I sat in the Missouri State Employment office.. “my husband shot me.”

No, women are not always nice.  They’re not nice at all.  But don’t injure them!  Just walk away from them.

In general, I think women get the worst of it, including these street girls out here.   Many of the street women are like starving cats.  Do I pick them up and help them?  NO, not usually.  They can, and will, bite your hand.  They are always in trouble, and have trouble following them.   They are wearing raggedy,  filthy clothes they got from the thrifty store.  Some of them are addled with drugs or drink, and all of them have mental issues,  some of them severe.

However, some have really helped me out!

I praise God for that sweet Bambi!   I like her the best, better than any sexy woman from Playboy,  at least for right now.

Apartment Complex girls

Shane said: “I told that no good bitch to get the fuck out”.   He’s talking about Tammy..this one gal with dyed orange hair and no teeth.  “She ripped off my  CD collection”.  His CD collection is mostly Lynyrd Skynyrd,  Led Zeppelin, etc.  He had one other girlfriend that was ripping out the plumbing in his apartment to take down and sell at the scrap metal place.  Tammy used to go down to the casinos all the time, always bragging about the money she was winning.

Then Shane starts bragging about how some dude gave her $400 for sex, but she took off on him.  “Then she came by and gave ME a hundred dollars of it!”,  he brags.  Not that I am believing a word of it.  I wouldn’t let that chick touch me, much less pay her.  She’s gross.

Get the picture?  Like crabs in a barrel.  I am looking outside my cam, it is late at night and I just made up a great pot of pintos and ham.  I am getting tired of them, though.  I went to Woodswether Cafe and ate a burger and fries.  They’ve got it so they can server liquor there, and I can’t stand being around them drunks.

Today I am gonna make milanesa.  Or maybe just pan fry the milanesa.  Milanesa, is a thin cut of steak.  It’s normally breaded then fried in a pan of hot oil.  If my brother stops by for lunch, I’ll make him a sandwich on some nice Roma bread.  I enjoy seeing my brother.  Just to have a sandwich with him.

Shane: “..and when I get my social security, I am gonna tell all you motherfuckers to get fucked!”.   Eh he’s a hothead.  Him and Dave are always arguing over that rake.  Dave claims Shane stole his rake,  Shane claims Dave stole HIS rake.  It is funny,  except that hot head Shane will get physical at the drop of a hat.  He was in prison for a long time for one deal.  Was in jail here because he beat the crap out of some other guy, over something.  He’s kind of- nuts.

Kissy Chris might show up, about 3 or 4 A.M. in the morning, if it rains.  That place she is in, the roof leaks badly, and she gets all wet.  At least this place has electricity.  She’s living with some gay guy,  ‘cos he doesn’t bother her.  She’s got a TV and everything these days.

Northeast is full of people that are nuts, no, the United States is.  No- the world is.

Donald Trump is making a big stir.  He’s swinging wildly, but I agree with some of the stuff he says, lots of it.  Do I think America is a great country? NO..and I mean FUCK NO.  Do I think our “leaders” are a bunch of stupid jerks?  Emphatically.

Obama I liked, until the Libyan thing.   The cat’s been out of the bag for years though. I didn’t like Bill Clinton,  couldn’t stand neither of the Bushes.

Meanwhile..there is the “corporate world”, and the real, street world.  The owner of this place just rented to a couple of real charmers, gotta keep my eye out on them, so I can get inside if the fur starts to fly.  These dudes, driving a 1975 Impala painted gold, with no hub caps, remind me of  the movie “Straight Time”.  The car is too beat up to be a “classic”.  They make me nervous.  This place is starting to remind me of certain sections of Los Angeles.

That car looks like a liquor store robbery getaway car,  the owners decidedly “thug” looking characters.  Shifty eyed black dudes with do-rags.  These aren’t the RICH black dudes with do-rags, but local thugs.

Thank GOD for the Churches

Angela comes rolling down Benton Blvd in her wheel chair. She’s still hobbling around, had the cast off, but her ankle was broken badly when that creep hit her.  She is real.. God Squadder, and loves to schmooze in the church.  She goes to the AA meetings and all that.  It’s sort of this forced guilt she lives in.. “oh.. I am so Ggggguiltyyy”.

Anyways.. she had stayed in line at the church to get a frozen turkey, but her momma gave her another one.. so I get a big Christmas turkey!  I am thawing it out now.. but the point is.. THANK GOD for the CHURCHES!

Well, if people want to call GOD Allah, Yaweh, or GOD..or whatever.. whatever the reason people do it.. THANK GOD for these helping organizations.  IF it weren’t for them.. this place would be an awful mess.  Angela had the cast off and her ankle sure is a mess of scar tissue from that surgery.  The fuckin’ creep just split after he smacked her.

It is like every day.. we experience the up and down of the world.. the good.. and the bad.

People drop through the crack of American social agencies all the time.  Food stamps are TOUGH to get.. they are really heartless dicks about it.

Kissy Chrissy

Kissy Chrissy comes over, at 0400. Groan.. I am mad at her, but let her in and she is sacked out now on my Coleman air bed with a Solaron Tiger acrylic blanket, one of my pillows.  *Sigh*.

At 47 she STILL look good..although she is gettin a gut.  She must have been indescribably beautiful when she was in her first bloom.  I got mad at her last night ‘cos she was drinking beer.. hustling too.  When will people EVER learn?  At night this place crawls with people who are out of prison, out of jail, and bad things happen.  It is like a monster movie.

This is NOT the suburbs, especially for the homeless walking around hustling one another.  They are out there, trying to dig up whatever they can, plus other predators prey on the more vulnerable.

Chris must get more excercise than most of the joggers around here- because she has to.  Her feet are dirty, bunions forming, calloused, but still wonderfully formed.  Her skin tans out, and it is not a tanning bed.  She has this freckled, olive skin.  The pain she puts herself through is most intense.  I hate it when people just- land in my lap.  I get mad at her, then relent as I try to make her comfortable.. even though she has disturbed my rest period- the weekend.  The weekends I do not party, but conserve my energy for my work.

I have mentally just washed my hands of Kissy Chris many times.  She drive me nuts.  She won’t just STAY inside..but has to be in constant motion.. she has constant adventure.  I told her..”just STAY here.  I will give you some money, just stay still, here, where it is safe.”

The homeless..the big problem seems ALWAYS to be drink and drugs.  The restlessness and lack of mental control that come with their use make them founder in this world.  To make some money, make a living, you have to serve somebody.  To have a purpose for yourself.

Ozzie and Harriet

That used to be a show we’d watch.  Or leave it to beaver. Humor and comedy, but the most gentle humor. Now it’s this bizzaro world of Tiger Woods, and they are GIVING it to Jesse James boy.  It’s called staying healthy, cooking food..and SURVIVING.

It’s about survival, that is what it is about.  American society is very unhealthy, and crime seems very high. Perhaps it is because I watch the news all the time.  The news I watch is at K.C. Crime.org. This is just about the stuff that happens around here.

The “sexy” hookers around here have all been locked up.  Sheesh Harriet Nelson 100x more “sexy” than they are.  These chicks would make a crow blush, plus they are rude, mean, and stupid.   The cops busted ’em on various charges.. loitering, etc..’cos they can’t catch them with their guard down.  They are serving time now, but for each charge the cops made stick, there are usually dozens of other scams.

However, these women in turn get robbed.  There are pimps.  There are tricks that are often very mean to them.  There are robbers that specialize in beating the crap out of the prostitutes, and taking their hard-scammed money.   And I mean these girls get their ASS beat.  I’ve never seen such beatings, in some cases.  In general, when they are released, they go straight back to the life, even after prison.

This street, Independence Avenue in Kansas City, is very much like Joseph Wambaugh’s cop novels. However.. the activity at least on these corners, has been remarkably toned down.

The USA seems to have more than it’s share of stupid, drugged, and drunked up hicks.  People with a stupid sort of meanness. My Urban Survival advice is to just steer clear of people.  Find solid people who are reasonable, and stick with them.

God there are some stupid, mean people in this world.  Man has this sadistic, dark side about him.  It just will not go away!

Chrissy gets her arm broke

One of them thugs broke Chris’ arm, in 2 places. I don’t know WHAT that was about.  She’s in a lot of pain and I got to take her to the hospital to get her scrip.  Sheesh.. she STILL won’t “give it up”.  I take her over to Truman.  I swear I am gonna get some cherry lights and siren for my car.  She is filthy, ‘cos they have no heat down at that spook house.  That’s what I call it.. the “spook house”.  I told her to come up and stay with me, but she’s always saying they will take her things down there.. she’s afraid to get away from them.

This morning on the corner I see Duke, her old pimp that just beat Chris senseless.. her whole face swollen and purple.  He went to prison, man I wish he’d a NEVER got out.

She won’t go to the cops, saying the cops just don’t give a shit what happens to the street people.  I took her to Truman Medical Center.. they did a good job of fixing her up.

Still there is no real justice for the poor.  I think our judicial system totally fucked up.  Totally weighted by money.  I do not know what you would call America.. but I would not call it a democracy.

People don’t give a shit.  They don’t give a shit until it is THIER life on the line,  THIER ass.. then they are screamin’ bloody murder.

People get ripped off all the time.  It’s part of life I guess.. like these crabs in a barrel.    Old Duke went to prison for SOME thing.. I can’t remember what.  But he didn’t get caught for half the stuff he done.

There is no “secret witness” program, at least locally. Chris could point them out to the cops, but flat out, she’d probably be killed.  Yep. I can’t even believe that I am typing this.  But that’s the way it is. The KCPD..the way it works I think, in my opinion, they get a bunch of grant money and they spend it on the most useless shit.  They had that stupid horse patrol.  Heh, now they can just WATCH it all go on.. right in front of thier fuckin’ nose, and prance around on these horses.

A few months back, they had these ATV’s.  So now they are on ATV’s.. JUST WATCHING THIS SHIT GO ON right in front of thier fuckin’ nose. Sigh.. it is insulting.. I know.   In one respect, I have faith in the cops.

Once they bite down.. once they figure it out.. boy they are like a steamroller.  I do not know what to do for these problems.  Well, I do know.. that’s GET A JOB.  Yep.  Get a job, and if you don’t like that job, then apply for another one.   Don’t do drugs either, nor hang out with anyone that does them.

I stick my neck out even talking to these idiots.  At least I think they are idiots.  But jeez, no one would take poor Chris to the hospital, help her get her meds, nor do anything.