WHOP the Poor..starring Sly James

Kansas City has started a blitzkrieg on taxes, and sending out threatening letters.  Eh.. they need it to support their debtor prison. It is just like FERGUSON, MO.

That poor young man shouldn’t have confronted the cop.  Police are the most dangerous people in the ‘hood,  more dangerous than the crooks.  It’s not a tossup, they are hands down more dangerous.  It’s hard to say who is more dangerous, come to think about it.  A woman who wants her way, is very dangerous.

BUT.. the city is putting the screws to it’s poorest citizens, and has since my memory.  I keep dreaming..dreaming of a happy place in this world.

The city government would take the candy out of a baby’s mouth.  They will..”kick and beat you, and tell you it’s fair.”

WHY would I give this country military service?  WHY? For WHAT?

Third world countries?  Some of the worst wretches in the world are right here, right in this neighborhood.

Rumor has it that Old Flo went blind.  Flo could be seen walking up and down the avenue, up and down.  She woke up (wherever the poor woman sleeps).. and couldn’t see.  They told me that people are helping her out on the street..helping her get around.  She’s been a prostitute and a beggar for as long as I know.  Sleeps on the street, or anywhere she can.

The Gregg Klice Center

The Gregg Klice Center is at Paseo and Truman.  It is a recreational center, that has a large Olympic size pool,  jacuzzi, and hot tube.  Well.  I got a monthly pass, and went down there.  I was surprised that the other patrons were just as out of shape as me, so I wasn’t embarassed.

It really is nice.  The pool warm, the jacuzzi nice and hot.   Didn’t try the sauna out.  It has a basketball court,  weight room, and computer room.  It is a good bargain.

NO.. it’s a great bargain.  When the municipal pools are filled up,  this place will be empty, and it is a Olympic size pool.  There are toys to play with,  mostly old and out of shape people there, so it’s not a beauty contest..which is good for ME!

Predation of the Poor in Missouri

The poor always pay the freight.  The USA is designed that way!


This is spot on.  I got a parking ticket for $72.  Couldn’t afford to get the tags right away, let them expire, and brother they just started HAMMERING ME.  They just hammer, hammer, HAMMER the poor!  The VA hammers the poor.  THEY HAMMER THE FUCK OUT OF THE POOR in the USA.

The way the city operates, the way it is set up, it legitimizes local crime enthusiasts.  “The government sucks, so let’s all be anarchists.”  Something like that.

It’s the same in Kansas City.  The USA is a great place- if you got money.  Well, it’s sort of O.K.  I drove all over it in that Semi Truck.  Eh..same old..same old.  The West coast is the best by far.

You MUST have a Car in the USA- Even in the Inner City

The bus system in Kansas city is terrible.  Unless you live on a direct route, it will take you hours to get to the simplest destination.  Even a destination only a couple of miles away.  The fare is $1.50.  Most people only take them for a short hop,  unless they are lucky enough for a direct connection.

This does not compare to many places in the world,  such as Bangkok, for instance.  They have trikes, vans, and even “moto taxis”,  where you hop on to the back of a motorcycle!  They have Rickshaws, buses,  and water taxis.

Why is this not the case in the USA?  One reason is the monopoly that Taxi cab companies have on a taxicab license.   They were expensive enough, at a few thousand dollars,  years ago.  Now they are through the roof, and certain people want to keep it that way.  In Seattle, for instance, a Taxi license is $360,000.   And that ain’t hay!

I’ve tried to drive a taxi before, and it is a ridiculous joke of a job.  I do not remember what that rental fee was on that cab.   I think it was $250 you had to pay, before you started making money for yourself.  The lease was $250 per day.

Arthur Bryants BBQ Changes their Food

My brother brought us back some Bryant’s tonight.  Arthur Bryant’s BBQ is the best of the old time BBQ joints in Kansas City.  They used to give huge portions on their sandwich plates,  especially the fries, but not any more!  I called them and they started weighing out the portions.  They never did this before, and you would get a spectacular mound of food! They would slam a handful of meat, and a big handful of fries on your plate.

Now, they are about like Gates BBQ.  Well, that’s a pity.  It’s still good, but not as good as it was before.

Bryant’s came out with a Sweet Sauce a year or more ago.  I like it much better than the standard sauce.

Never Let ANYONE Inside of Your Crib

“Never let ANYONE inside of yo’ crib”- Odell my neighbor.  I see this crackhead action all the time.  One girl comes over complaining..”I am homeless now.”  Eh she is a idiot, and I am a fool myself to even have let her inside my door to tell her story.

What happened was the girl got some money from her school financial aid.  She moved out from the apartment downstairs, which is a bunch of crackheads,  to get away from it all.  She got herself set up, got dish internet.

One problem was that she let her “dreamboat” Shorty move in, even put him on her lease (He’s on parole..federal parole.).  To make a long story short, he moved his crackhead buddies in, beat the crap out of her, literally threw her out of the house, and even kicked the shit out of her little dog.

The cops and Landlord will do nothing, since she put him on the lease.   In short they do nothing.  Her legs, face and head are bruised up,  but I have seen far worse..and this isn’t the first time I have seen it happen to her.  She’s also ripped off a few people, including Yours Truly.

This is the type of action and past history of most of the prostitutes who get murdered around here.  Then KCTV “News” is beating their breast, acting like they are SURPRISED..like it is something surprising and shocking.  “He isn’t a pimp, he’s my friend!”  I hear this shit all the time. “He’s not so bad.”

Independence, West Independence, is the same way.

NEVER let ANYONE inside of your apartment or house.  When you get ripped off, that is the FIRST QUESTION the cops will ask. If you answer “yes, I let them in.” Then THAT’S IT!  They will do nothing.

This is why people are reluctant to take in the homeless.  At least to spend the night.  I let a few people in, but rarely.  Addiction drives the poor.  Whether it is alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes.    They think that drugs are going to give them sort of insight,  or revelation..but it does NOT.   They always wind up more miserable than they were before.

“Experience holds a very dear school, but fools will learn in no other.”- Ben Franklin.  One of my favorite quotes, what a gem it is!

The Homeless Camps

Police discover a homeless camp. ..complete with tunnels.

I heard of such a camp..where they had generators set up and everything else.  It would beat the abandoned houses.  Fred told me that crimes took place in the abandoned houses.. violence and beatings.. people robbing one another of the meager things they already have.

There was also a camp down at the end of Independence Avenue, where you get on I-35 to cross the Bond Bridge.  Actually- they had it set up pretty comfortable, but the city booted them out of that one too.

They had people sleeping on the sewer covers- city booted them.

People treat one another worse than they treat beasts.