The Fool Shoes we Wear

“Each man must wear out at least one pair of Fool Shoes.”- Charlie Chan.  After all the stuff I did in life, it would have been best to have just kept applying at the Post Office,  until I got hired!  Instead I drove over the road,  worked at AT&T in the IT industry,  did this and that.

The simple job of the postal workers looks appealing right now.    It is NOT an easy job.   They must walk and walk and walk.  But it pays really good, compared to many jobs that are supposed to be.. high tech,  cool,  etc.   The most I ever made driving a semi truck was $41,000 a year.   This was GONE from home all the time,  and pretty much 70 hours a week,  sitting in front of a steering wheel smoking,  then a couple hours of frantic, heavy exercise,  and starchy truck stop food.

How I love my nerd gadgets and computers.. but the IT industry just went south,  I guess.    Love the computers,  but boy, I do not see how I am can make a coin drop with them.

I see people in Northeast living very exciting lives.   They are in and out of jail,  use drugs until they practically drop.   They use them until it drives them clean into the gutter.

We are offered an apple, but choose instead the poison.



Another Great Meditation Link

10 Hours Sleep and Meditation Music.   Man it is great stuff.   The internet is just like the Library when I was a child.   You find one jewel,  more beautiful than the next.   It is so beautiful to work and sleep by.. to make coffee.  To study,  and right now I am studying:  OLD TIME RADIO and podcasts.

I like working with my YouRock Guitar,  which is a synthesizer controller,  that is controlled with Guitar controls.   I am studying radio, writing,  and graphics as I work with the Gimp.  I study another program,  called Anime Pro,  by Smith Micro.

The problem is:  How to make a coin drop, so you can participate in the economy?

It is like you are in a room piled high with treasure,  piled to the ceiling, in great mounds.  You pick up one item,  but then notice another one,  that is just as beautiful,  or even more beautiful.

In our brief life,  it is as if we see through a pinhole,  for a split second,  and see only the tiniest fraction of what IS.

To go to a place,  higher than yourself.

You see the exciting things that God has created,  and if I am in God’s image,  I must be a creator too.

When I listen to this music,  my mind full of worry and fear,  goes into wonderful places.   I just round these.. called Gyotaku they are Japanese prints.


Marc and Angel Hack Life

Marc and Angel Hack Life.   I love their blog.  It’s a bunch of tips and advice and I really enjoy it.  The sayings and advice are concise and profound.   It helps me feel better in this world that is always rocking with turmoil.

Marc and Angel write a email newsletter,  and published a ebook.   Their website archives have lots of wonderful advice,  I like it a lot.

I like the spiritualists.  Once again,  here is that soft relaxing music link.  9 Hours Relaxing Music.  This compilation is BY FAR the best one that I know of,  it is 9 hours of absolutely beautiful relaxing music.

I want to write a book,  a story and description.   I think I am not that creative.   My mind is not like Stephen King’s,  Hunter S.  Thompson’s,  or Raymond Chandler’s.    All I can think of are sort of dull detective stories.  Stephen King can sit down and write a great story,  about monsters in the Air conditioner.

Maybe,  write a story,  about GOOD and WONDERFUL things.  But man, that wouldn’t sell,  I don’t think.   A story,  that is like this music on the link above.  It is GREAT stuff.. the best stuff I know of.


Vernon Howard

More Vernon Howard Quotes here.    He is one of the finest spiritual teachers, how I love reading his stuff.

When I was working on my car,  my cousin told me another good one.. “It is but the beast, and you are it’s master.”  I have a real phobia about mechanical things,  working on cars in particular.

How I love Vernon Howard’s quotes.  NO.. I am NOT profound, important,   eh.. all those slots have been taken!  But surviving.  It is called- survival.

Even More great Vernon Howard quotes.  This page is even better.  Vernon Howard’s ideas are all about self examination,  examining the contents of our minds and emotions.

No good deed goes unpunished

My brother loves this saying.  But I helped him a lot.   He helped me too.   But the saying has a ring of truth to it.  If you help people around here,  often they keep coming back for more.  Or,  you will injure yourself,  break something, or miss out on something when you stop to help them.

On the other hand,  if you do not help them, then some disaster will befall them.  It works that way.   This makes you feel guilty because a little help- would have saved them.  What reward do you get?  You get the reward of seeing them get going,  and living another day.

It is fascinating how life can turn out one way, or another,  when we do or say one thing, or another.

When I think of this cynical thought, well,  I think of all the good that was done for ME.. for free.  Doctors worked on me, other people helped me, and they helped me a lot.

Many people say- when we help others,  it is the same as helping ourselves.   Dave Singleton was one of the few I have met, who would ALWAYS help.   With  anything,  he would help people.  He has the goodwill of many people around here.  But he got his hand bit- a lot.

WHO will stop the Rain?

I am jacking around trying to get this software up so I can maybe sell some shirts.  Poor Fred is moving around slow.   My brother was stupid enough to buy a house with a woman out in the he is FORKED like in a chess game.   Everything that will break, is gonna break.  I read quotes by Charles Bukowski..who went through his whole life drunk.   Not to say that Bukowski did not write great stuff- he was great.  But I need a plumber more!  I admire a great auto mechanic almost the most in this world.

How can people do that..go through life drunk, or on drugs?  Bukowski did, I cannot believe how long he lived with the way he abused himself.   So much stuff is always broken, every day something is busted and needs to be fixed.    Myself, I try prayin’.. just KEEP ON praying!

I watch my damn car all night.. I watch my wallet too.  I love the way Odell used to put it:  “never let ANYONE into your crib.”

Then there are the health problems.  Poor Fred walking around, he is having a hard time now I feel sorry for him.   He really ain’t that bad.   They squabble over at the building next door..”you’ a nothin’ bum who is always broke, and I want my money!”

As far was women being nice.. well I wouldn’t agree with that statement.  Want to have a child?  Invest in a test  tube.   The world just rocks, this way and that,  and I can never quite figure it out.  First, I will feel sorry for that “poor little woman”.. but then, they are little shits.  They’re like these spiders.

I like people, even love them, but I don’t want them near me.  Their egos,  their feelings are hurt, they’ve got a an axe to grind.  They come to YOU and want YOU to make up for some deficiency they have experienced.  They DO get fucked over,  but as John Lennon said:  “what the hell am I supposed to do?”

Lao Tzu

I started reading Lao Tzu today. He is one of the spaciest of the Chinese philosophers, even deeper than Confucius.

  • Violence, even well intentioned, always rebounds upon oneself.
  • One cannot reflect in the streaming water, only those who know internal peace can give it to others.
  • Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy.
  • The snow goose does not bathe to make itself white.  Neither do you need be anything but yourself.
  • An ant on the move does more than the dozing Ox.
  • He who talks more is sooner exhausted.
  • Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, and have few desires.