Songs that I write

Shiny Plant Leaves- by David.   I like music more than anything.  At times,  I think one decent song says more than hundreds of pages of text.

This song is about- the drops of water on the leaves.

I got to fix the bass part, this song does not play well on headphones or on cheap speakers.  I made it using subwoofer speakers, not thinking what it would sound like on ‘phones.

I made the song with my You Rock guitar, and MuLab 5.3.xx

The Drama of People

There is a ton of drama, right in the world around here.   Linda’s  daughter  doesn’t pay the rent on her storage space- and all Linda’s stuff is gone now.  All her treasures, heirlooms and stuff.  It is that way in the inner city.  When my mini Van got ripped off, all my treasures and photos got ripped off.  Everything I had in the Van.

No one particularly gives a shit.  People are too caught up in their own struggle.  It’s not like in the movies where you run into this white knight.  People are in one nutty situation, to the next.

The other Linda, who got all beat up by her creepo Boyfriend, is walking the street, but she’s older now.. it’s hard for her to get a client.  She is walking around, trying to find a place to sleep, after selling her possessions.  Linda has the grand mal seizures.  She takes these heavy duty drugs, Phenobarbitols, I think.  Linda is pretty all right, pretty righteous, actually.  Except she will drink that beer.  You will meet some bad company when people are drunk, at least around here.   There are people walking around, with all sorts of problems.  People on walkers, that go to that church across the street for the dinners on mondays.

Stuff like this happens all the time around here.  It’s like these random disasters that happen to people, stranger than fiction.  Like these- idiots.  Life is bad enough- but then, they start fighting.  I mean fighting over nothing.  Fighting because they are drunk.  Fighting over a real, or perceived insult.  There is illness, unemployment, and to make things worse.. then, people start FIGHTING among themselves.

Everybody in this ‘hood thinks he is in the Mafia or something.  Down at the church getting food baskets,  dudes talk about how they were #1 on the D.E.A.’s “hit list”.   They are there, waitin’ on some free baloney and powdered milk.

I always wanted to write a screenplay.  I would call it. “DickWeeds”.  People are silly, stupid.  Unfortunately, as I watch the news, it seems to run throughout society with no letup.

Bambi’s nephew had to have his head glued and stitched together.A fight over a girl, and the other fellow hit him in the head with a hatchet.   Busted his head wide open.  Bambi kept saying.. “they had to glue it together.”  I am uncertain of what this means.  I dunno if charges were filed.  Many things happen, and no charges are filed, especially to women.  On the other hand,  women can be dangerous around here, let me tell you.  Women, they are dangerous, period. This incident only happened a couple days ago.  Fred’s not particularly sympathetic.  He says the guy was kind of a no-goodnik.  Here is a video I made,  as I talked to her with a D011.

Bambi told me Ted was in a heated argument with some dude over in the other apartment building, that is why he left the stove on, and almost burned the apartment building down.  There were 5 fire trucks.  The whole street was filled with fire trucks.  People are always getting into it around here.   Petty jealousies, little spats.  It is surprising what people will get worked up about.

Oct 02 2011 Update:  They haul off #8’s kid again, the cops and the ambulance.  To Truman I guess, for the psyches.   The kids’s been begging at everyone’s door.  Sort of a “untouchable”.  Many people are like that around here.   People are living off of social security checks, and unemployment.  Yep.  Many people ARE disabled.    That’s my thing.  I got ruptured badly at work.. now I have blood sugar problems.   People drop through the cracks all the time,  THANKS TO THE REPUBLICANS OPENING THEM WIDE.

Think Workmen’s comp will help you?  THINK AGAIN.  It’s like pulling hen’s teeth in states like Missouri.  Thanks to the Blunt family.  Think Social Security will save you if you become disabled?  THINK AGAIN.

It’s some cold blooded stuff.   These really poor people staggering around.  I suppose, it is worse elsewhere.   It always can be worse.  I could be living in the middle of World War II, for instance.  I agree with this article by Jesse Jackson.

We have extreme poverty, right here in the U.S.A.  It is nothing new,  either.   People drop off, one by one.  It is awful, the shape people are in.  Crime rises, as people get more desperate.  One crime, can upset a little boat that is barely floating.  When I got my Mini Van stolen,  I was devastated.   When that girl stole my Netbook,  well that was painful.

Even the smallest loss, like spending $5 for some trinket I don’t need- it’s painful.

Using WAX 2.0 to Cartoonize Video

In this video here,  I made a cartoon out of some video from a Cheap cam.  It was either a keychain, or a DO11 cam, don’t remember.  Made it with WAX 2.0 a freeware Video editor, and a plugin made for Virtual Dub (also freeware).  Not bad for the very first trial.   Straight from the hip, with no practice.

WAX is pretty good, though finicky about it’s input codec.  I installed the K-Lite codec pack, but had to uninstall it.  This symptom in WAX 2.0 is not being able to see the video in the preview window on the timeline.

Also, WAX is fussy about the filename you specify.  You have to include the file extension.  Example:  Sample.AVI.  Type the whole thing in.  Most of the information for WAX can be found on YouTube, not on the net.  You can get pretty sophisticated with it.

GreenBlobFilm is very knowledgeable about WAX and has a very active YouTube channel.   He’s answered all of my questions.  He has been really nice, with a quick reply.  The kid really knows his stuff about WAX.

It is pretty cool though, good for a freeware product.  It seems to do most of the stuff that the “big boys” do.  GreenBlob’s tutorials get quite detailed, with the exception of the “duh” stuff.. (location of controls, etc.).   He has zip files of his example videos where he mixes video in there.. does neat stuff.

GreenBlob’s worked hard on his stuff, and he answers questions I appreciate him lots.

This cartoon, made from some casual video I was recording, looks more like a rotoscope.  There are dozens, and dozens of filters, plugins, and presets you can use for this video.   I just didnt wanna work that hard.  As you can see, you can do some pretty neat stuff, with dirt cheap equipment.

Hmm.. actually, you can edit the YouTube video RIGHT ONLINE.. I just noticed this.  They’ve got a “cartoon” effect that you can use on your video, with no Work-O on your part.   That’s wonderful.  Never knew you could do this!   Well blow me down.

I am working now to grab some video of the earlier perpetrators that robbed the old lady down in #3.

Americans ARE their own punishment.  These idiots around here would sell a Stradivarius for a hit o’ crack.  It is awful the binds that people are in, and people around me, all seem to be in them.

A Example of an Abandoned House

Here is a video that I did with my D011, of a abandoned house. This house was used frequently by prostitutes and other unfortunate characters in Northeast.  The address I did not get, but will put later, but it’s in the area of Discount Liqours, at Norton and Independence Avenue.  The video will open in a new browser tab, just like all my links do on this blog.

Just got started with my D011 setup, so the tech quality needs to be improved.  But it turned out better than I thought it would.  The D011 works good, for 20 bucks, it’s great.   Gotta wash my windshield though.  The MOUNT on the D011 is the big problem.  The thing was designed for a curved windshield,  but my vehicle the glass is all vertical.  Drat.

Once I get the hang of it, I can get some video to explain things along with the blog.  Why do I do it?  Because I want others to understand what is happening to people in this city and country.  What is happening to the American people, to the people living around here.

I am so tired of social life being played out on TV.  The TV has taken the place of social life in this country.  We are all behind computers, or watching the TV screen.  People get their idea of what life should be like from the movies or a TV.  I hope to God someone out there is not watching “Saw” right now and getting some ideas!