Another Shooting, ‘ANOTHER’.. this time at the Jazz district.  Someone got mad at something, so they started shooting at each other.  That’s why no ‘night on the town’ for me!  Straight to the doctor, grocer, whatever, then straight back to the house.

Four people shot.  Oh well, that’s a little sneeze- for around here, that is!


Higher crime than Bogota, Colombia, and even Medellin is below St. Louis in crime.  I am speculating on moving out of the country.  Not renouncing US citizenship, but retiring where I could get a better deal, better health care.  A town on the border might be better.  You’d have access to the excellent Mexican dentists there, not to mention the out of this world Mexican food.

Kansas City is rated above Bogota on the list,  that is, more dangerous than Bogata.  It is because Northeast is the neighborhood that is the center of it.  That and the east side, the area of say, 23rd and Van Brunt.

So my paranoia doesn’t go for the rest of the USA, but it is appropriate here.  It sucks.

Many Vets are in the same boat.  Their kids kicked them out of the house, etc.  The VA has a large number of homeless Vets.

In the U.S., I guess like the rest of the world, people like to sort of- prey upon one another.    Like a sea of sharks, really.   People ain’t so nice here.  BUT.. they ain’t so nice anywhere else, either.

I don’t know who, is doing what to who, about what.  There is a alarming amount of crimes, serious ones like murder.   I have stopped counting, and I do so from the news.  I stay inside, like a mouse.

I stay away from people, as much as I can.  Who KNOWS why the things happen? There are other miseries, such as food and shelter.   One lady died in the end building, had a seizure or something.  She was only 34.  Now her boyfriend in the same building got put out, his stuff out on the curb, and he is out there sleeping with it now.  Eh..they was behind on the rent anyways.  Action right out of Charles Dickens- constantly.

Put out of Apt

Just pitiful.. wild, and crazy.  Money seems at the root of it all,  plus a callousness toward other people.

Next morning, the landlord came with a trailer and pitched his stuff into it.  He was  behind on his rent.   What a shocking past few days this man had!

Many people face stark realities, health and financial problems.  Substance abuse problems, I guess.  America has become like, toxic.   The politicians and rich people seem like beings from a alien world.

Missouri is one of the worst states for the disabled and poor to live in.  It is one of the worst states, period.  Misery is what the locals call it.

Workmen’s comp:  When I had my first hernia, there was NO problem getting care, because the company was out of Minnesota, a GOOD state.

When my rotator cuff went bad, my arm hanging useless,  Missouri was the WORST crooks.  The locals said..”uh oh, you live in Missouri.  You are FUCKED.”  They were pretty much right.

Ain’t got the money to split.  So I watch the news, the everyday violence in Northeast which is like America’s Ciudad Juarez.

All the Vets think the VA is gonna take care of them.. I guess they do if they get a service connected disability.  Maybe, but you could fool me!  They are a nightmare of a bureaucracy.  I like my doctors all right… some of the VA I like, but I think other countries, such as Costa Rica, would be better.

The Health Department closes the Market across the street.  I was wondering if and when, it was ever gonna happen.   This whole area is high crime, and all types of crimes.

America is RIFE with crime at all levels of society.   Like crabs, crabs in a barrel are the American people,  American society.

Like natural born thieves.   I suppose everyone experiences it, as I read the history or rock bands, such as Grand Funk Railroad.. who couldn’t even play their own songs after Terry Knight got done with them.  Then, there are common thieves,  professional borrowers, etc.

“Everybody’s out there, trying to score”- Bruce Springsteen.

Count your fingers in Northeast!  AND.. keep the door closed and locked.  How I long to split.. to get the money up to just split.

Trump has sued just about everyone that sneezed wrong.  I dunno if he is successful.

The poor get mowed down like dogs and their rights?  No lawyer will touch them even if they’ve had the living shit beat out of them,  got fucked up by incompetent doctors, or whatever.


It’s all the goddam money and that’s all ANYONE wants is the money.

It’s like survival, in a extremely hostile environment.  The “justice” system is not available to these people- except when the “justice” system wants money from them.

It’s the same as Mexico or any other country they like to sneer at as a “Banana Republic”.    Same thing right here in the USA!

NOthin but BAD News

NOTHIN’ but BAD news, as these people eke out a living.    SK’s brother committed suicide, by jumping off a bridge.  People have HIV, well, that I know of…everyone is hustling for a buck including yours truly,  at least as well as I can.

Even the poor, hate the poor as they bite, kick and scratch.  “Don’t feel sorry for HER.”.. “SHE had it coming!” .. .. “he deserved it.”  People are a bunch of assholes.

They never understand, until THEY get a taste of it!

It’s all the money.  THAT FUCKIN’ MONEY that anyone cares about.

The USA is cold blooded as if we were all in a slaughterhouse,  slaughtering each other.  It’s like we’re endangered.  Just nothin’ but bad and the government is like..”let’s keep whopping the poor.”

No one is going to fix you, no one is gonna save you as you get prodded up the chute.

Well, except for hot wind.  There is no shortage of that.


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