I am studying UNITY and Blender now, and 3D programming in general, trying to get something on the market.  I had other Motion comic/Visual novel software, but it is like a child’s toy compared to Unity.

BUT.. boy it ain’t easy!  I spend hours just looking up terminology on there.

Meanwhile the game of the inner city goes on it is called.. “Let’s WHOP the poor.”

THAT is the ONLY issue I am interested in as far as politics, with my own little vote.  That and the VA.  The VA is slow, cumbersome, and filled with stupid bureaucrats.  Some are good, but many are not.  They don’t give a shit.


I tried some “Dr. Pop” from Sav A Lot ‘cos I was down broke.  When I got home, I started looking for Cheap Pop reviews and opinions on the Internet.

Well.. Sav A Lot’s Pop got pretty good reviews.

When I got some money,  I decided to try it out.  They have “Bubba Cola”

Bubba Cola Red- supposed to be a Coke Knockoff.

Bubba Cola Blue- supposed to be like Pepsi.

Dr. Pop- Dr. Pepper knockoff

The Dr. Pop I already know I liked.  Some people don’t like it, but I thought it tasted fine, especially for 79 cents.

Bubba Cola Red- has more bite, but tastes more like vanilla coke to me.

Bubba Cola Blue- this was good, tastes pretty much like Pepsi.

Other cheap pop often tastes like RC, notably Aldi’s GT cola.  I dont like RC.  So I recommend it, especially the Bubba Cola Blue, and the Dr. Pop.  Not bad, and cheap, 79 cents.

My Compewter

My computer.  Why, I twittering Hillary Clinton.  HA!

The name of the game, It’s called survival.  The name of the game is STOMP the POOR.  You do better by just keeping your mouth shut.  What use is it to talk about it?

Some people say a man is made outta mud
A poor man’s made outta muscle and blood
Muscle and blood and skin and bones
A mind that’s a-weak and a back that’s strong

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store

Most people around here don’t have desktops, at least, the people I encounter.  They have the Android phones as they come out, there is some tablets.

It is food-in-the-belly survival, around here.  I get all hot watching the politicians, but they are all crooks.  Probably even Bernie Sanders and Ralph Nader are crooks.  It’s all competitive, and no one gives a shit about anyone else.





A Pork Chop Sauce

I wanted a new sauce for my pan broiled Pork chops.  A-1, Heinz 57 weren’t cutting it.  I read about this one cheap brand of wing sauce, sold at the Price Chopper $1 aisle.  It is called Louisiana Supreme Chicken Wing Sauce.  I read on Amazon that the mild type, the “regular” is a very good all purpose sauce.  The reviews are all 5-star.  It’s an orange colored stuff, looks like French dressing.

I seasoned the chops with a this very good seasoning, bought at Sav A Lot, called Tio Santi Sazon Perfecta.  It’s a mix of garlic, turmeric, black pepper, onion,  oregano, and some other herbs.  It’s very good,  I like it a lot.  It’s really good to season taco meat with.  Had some last night and used the stuff, it was very good.  I do NOT use “taco seasoning” on taco meat.  Too much chili powder, I dont like it.  You find Tio Santi in Sav A Lots Mexican aisle.  Sav A Lot has the best deals on Corn Tortillas,  far cheaper than any of the other markets, including the Mexican ones.

THEN.. I poured a nice puddle of the wing sauce on the plate as I cooked the chops in the pan,  and added some brown sugar, and molasses and stirred it up.  It tastes GOOD!  The sweet flavor against the wing sauce flavor.  Note that I used the mild variety.  It is $1 at Price chopper, far cheaper than Frank’s Wing Sauce.

This is VERY good on chops! I put some on as the chops cooked, and I put some on the plate, and ate it right up.


More Crime..what else?

More crime action.   It’s always just right up the street from me holy cow!  This one was a guy bludgeoned.  Got beat almost to death with a pipe.  This is on Elmwood and Independence Ave., another hot spot for crime action..thug stuff.  Gives me the creeps boy.  Mexico isn’t safe?  The USA isn’t safe.  People are a bunch of creeps, that’s why.  The dangerous and shitty world of Amerikan.. GIMME..GIMME..GIMME!



My Favorite Hymn

My favorite Hymn.. I listen to these all the time, this is my favorite, sung by the Daughters of Mary.  The Latin is beautiful, the words are beautiful, and it is sung beautifully.  I also like the chants of the Benedictine Monks.  I dont know much about them, but the music is very soothing in a anxious world.






The Sub Poor

These people I always call the “Sub Poor”.  This article, by KCNews is indeed the truth.  They get kicked out of the shelters very early in the morning, and cannot go back until 6PM, no matter what the weather.  They are out there freezing in jackets and tennis shoes, much of the time bought from the Thrifty stores.  It is horrible.  Even for my low rent crib, I am praying I am so thankful.


So much SHIT happens to people.  I think the American people very unkind,  very arrogant,  and I am ashamed of Military service.  It was good for me, ‘cos I get the VA, but I don’t think this a great country.  Well, it IS a beautiful country, but the people are not very nice.

No one will help them.  I mean NO one.  They will do ANYTHING for money.   Few are the people that will give them spare change.

They are often caught up in the judicial system, and this miserable life cycle is the only thing they know.  Time passes, and nothing changes,  except for the deaths, that is.  Their families often ignore them.  I think people are like animals,  I really do.  Like rats, maybe, that is a good analogy.

For whatever reason, life is very unfortunate for many people.   I suppose, it has been this way for a long time.

There are some do gooders, but they seem in the minority.  I hope this is just my perception, and it is better than I think it is.

People out there in that freezing cold,  I sure wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.





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