I test out my Magazine

https://joom.ag/wpZQ  You can also just click this graphic.  Formats to Android. Yep, works pretty good!  I am writing KINDLE books.  My dream is to earn some money with Digital content.  I want to visit places, other places in the world like my heroes;  Wandering Earl.  Tim LeFFel.   Nomadic Matt, and many others.

storm crow opening


Laptops KC Computer Store on 5th Street

A little store on 5th street. Dunno if this area is “Little Italy” or not.  It’s more like the River Market area.  I go down there and buy a old HP dc 5800  desktop.  $35 bucks.  CHEAP.  I always built my own machines, used AMD ‘cos it’s cheap.  Well hey, the Intel Core 2 Quads are dirt cheap on Ebay.  Try $14.  A NewEgg MOBO I just bought fritzed on me big time.

Mike fixed me right up.  His prices are competitive with eBAY, plus you get it right now.  He put some RAM sticks in for me free of charge.  Laptopskc.com is his web site with his inventory, I believe.  Why buy a used computer from the Salvation Army, when you can buy from a professional?  I was highly impressed.  I build my own computers.  I have A+, INet+, Network+, so I am at least smart enough to do some things.  Eh- he does it better.

650 E. 5th Street, KCMO MO,  64106. 816- 521-0229.   He sells his gear on Craigslist.  He’s pretty good, helpful, and has a ton of stuff.  Very knowledgeable.  Before, I steered clear of Dell/Compaq/HP.

That old Machine has a heat pipe CPU cooler/all metal very sturdy case, PLUS this HP can be modded, upgraded.  Gonna Flash the Bios now.   All of my old cards worked great in it.  So, I am very pleased with this shop, and the area certainly needs a computer shop.  The old PC Warehouse went defunct.


I go on Udemy and take their courses.  I particularly like Geoff Shaw’s courses.  He is a writer.  I have A+, INET+, NetWork+.  I have a desktop I constantly upgrade and experiment with.  I learn, learn, learn all the time.

I am particularly interested in travel and possible Expatriation.  I go post on Facebook all the time, where I have a small circle.  It’s almost my family bulletin board.

The HUD project for old Vets, disabled, and seniors is a Godsend to me!  I couldn’t keep up with the high crime, Narly Northeast.  Even Independence sucks, the west side is full of, people that are, let’s say, not so advanced.

I am writing a novel about Northeast right now, based on actual events.  My goal is to publish books on Kindle.  I use Unity and Blender.  There are nice little courses on Udemy about Blender and Unity.  The Udemy courses are very cheap.

I am studying, studying, learning.  I stay on my computer almost all my waking hours.  I study Android programming, in addition, but haven’t made anything lately.  My focus is on writing the Kindle book(s).

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Better than Northeast

This area of the city is better than Northeast.  The secret is- keeping to yourself.  There are evil people around.  One guy was partying with some others in this building.  They took his phone, wallet and bus pass.  “Somebody” took it.  The people in this building are mostly old and disabled,  but there are other, kind of sharks hanging around.

The secret is, just keeping to yourself.  I am always working on my computers, my goals, so,  I don’t hang around with nobody.  Everyone in the world has their own agenda.

Still, I don’t feel safe.  Shit happens, where it wants to happen.


Moved Away from Northeast

Well.. I finally reached escape velocity and moved away from there!  Still, I am in the 65130 zip code.  “The Murder Factory”.  Weird stuff happens all the time,  especially near the VA Hospital.  There was a murder earlier this week by the fire station at Independence Ave and Van Brunt.  On Saturday or Sunday,  a woman that lived behind the McDonalds up on the hill at Hardesty and US 40, her husband killed her apparently  ‘cos she wouldn’t share her drugs with her husband.

Horrible.  This sleazy action is constant in these zip codes.  I am glad to leave, despite the little Mexican grocers that I like.  But this place maintained by HUD for Veterans, disabled, and geezers.  I’m a Vet, disabled too from surgeries, so I got it. A GOOD MOVE.   It is very high security, with 24 hour security, a locked parking lot.  They maintain it well, too, which is better than the landlords in Northeast.  It is a daunting task trying to rent out those old apartments.  They are filled with bugs.  The tenants are crazy.   HUD screens the dickens out of it’s applicants these days.  Well, they had housing like Choteau, which was filled up with dope dealers.. fights.  Wayne Minor is also narly.  You’ll get your car broke into or stolen.

I took my Android apps down.  They were just “play” apps anyways,  test apps just to see if I could do it.  I am working on a Kindle novel right now.  “Working on it”, but the only thing that counts is DONE!  I am making the novel naturally, on characters in Northeast.  No one would believe the stuff that happens in Northeast.