Local Crooks Breakin In

Across the street local crooks are breakin in to apartment.  So there you have it. On one hand, you don’t want a police state  On the other hand,  you don’t want people going hog wild.

Across the street there is another outbreak. Probably some doing drugs, it always causes problems.. the money they need for the drugs.  They usually have big problems besides drugs, so why do they tempt the devil?

It is the Devil, that is what I think.  He is always there.  Satan, whatever you want to call It.

Independence Avenue is really cleaned up.  The cops put the quietus on the local gang banger, misfits.  How I wish they would have tried something else in life.

They’ve been disbursed or they are in jail.  I’ve known many of them, but they have that anti social philosophy.  They won’t calm down. They are ALWAYs puttin the hustle to each other, always fighting.  Desperate, and dangerous.

I love the philosophers, and most modern philosophers, such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra sort of distill the philosophy that was before them.

You just allow- what is.  Ya can’t stop the rain, can’t stop the snow.

I’m listening to my 10 Hours Rain and Thunder MP3 on YouTube.  These are really great.  Soothing to the nerves.

Kansas City has started a blitzkrieg on taxes, and sending out threatening letters.  Eh.. they need it to support their debtor prison. It is just like FERGUSON, MO.

That poor young man shouldn’t have confronted the cop.  Police are the most dangerous people in the ‘hood,  more dangerous than the crooks.  It’s not a tossup, they are hands down more dangerous.  It’s hard to say who is more dangerous, come to think about it.  A woman who wants her way, is very dangerous.

BUT.. the city is putting the screws to it’s poorest citizens, and has since my memory.  I keep dreaming..dreaming of a happy place in this world.

The city government would take the candy out of a baby’s mouth.  They will..”kick and beat you, and tell you it’s fair.”

WHY would I give this country military service?  WHY? For WHAT?

Third world countries?  Some of the worst wretches in the world are right here, right in this neighborhood.

Rumor has it that Old Flo went blind.  Flo could be seen walking up and down the avenue, up and down.  She woke up (wherever the poor woman sleeps).. and couldn’t see.  They told me that people are helping her out on the street..helping her get around.  She’s been a prostitute and a beggar for as long as I know.  Sleeps on the street, or anywhere she can.

Myrrh for your Gums

I had my teeth rebuilt in Mexico.   It was amazing considering what they did, and what I paid.  My teeth were bad, very bad.

I had my teeth rebuilt, then, I started using Myrrh in my toothpaste.  I got some powdered Myrrh, but you should really use the tincture variety.  I just use a little powder on some toothpaste..and voila!

Works GOOD! Never had any gum problems, and my dental care is far from fastidious.  Works better than tea tree oil.  Tea Tree oil is better when you have a infection.

Today is $1 Taco day.  I got three Deshebrada (shredded beef) and it is the real deal.  I eat there almost every day it is so borato, so economico!  They serve up the real deal.  I tried their beans yesterday for 79  cents, very good!  If you like refried beans, they are very good.

Man, viva los Mexicanos!  Everyone says.. “they are taking over the place.”   Well, so what? They are a hardworking, efficient people.  I never met one of the “bad” ones.  Eh, that’s ‘cos I don’t fuck with them!

This place is located at Gladstone Blvd, and Independence Avenue.  It’s a Taqueria inside a little grocery store.

I am just blown away by the quality of the food, at a economical price. You can get a filling meal for $3 and change.  These tacos were $3.28.

The Gregg Klice Center

The Gregg Klice Center is at Paseo and Truman.  It is a recreational center, that has a large Olympic size pool,  jacuzzi, and hot tube.  Well.  I got a monthly pass, and went down there.  I was surprised that the other patrons were just as out of shape as me, so I wasn’t embarassed.

It really is nice.  The pool warm, the jacuzzi nice and hot.   Didn’t try the sauna out.  It has a basketball court,  weight room, and computer room.  It is a good bargain.

NO.. it’s a great bargain.  When the municipal pools are filled up,  this place will be empty, and it is a Olympic size pool.  There are toys to play with,  mostly old and out of shape people there, so it’s not a beauty contest..which is good for ME!

My Motion Comic Blog

I started another blog, a website to show my Motion Comic prototypes. 

Here it is.. http://davidx.hostingsiteforfree.com/

This site goes down a lot..but just wait a little..it comes back up.  It is free, though. I am struggling with the software.  To get something decent, to run on the Android,  so I can offer it on GooglePlay and IOS.   You can find hosting for free.   WIX and WEEBLY will not host the comics.  Neither will the free blogs.  The free sites,  they are OK.  Anyways.. this is just a showcase.   Once I get these perfected, I will make them for the Android.. which is a hair pulling task.

My ideas are set in the 1930s-1940s, a period of turmoil.  First, the Black Friday stock market collapse, and wipeout of the banking system for the working people.  It was the Gold Standard that led to the fall.  China was on the silver standard, and escaped the depression pretty much.  There was no unemployment.  No FDIC.  People’s savings were wiped out in a single day.

THEN.. the dust bowl of 1936.   My grandparents talked about almost nothing BUT this catastrophe.   My grandfather hunted rabbits,  foxes, and even had a pack of beagles.  These dogs were NOT pets. They were mean,  hunting dogs.  It is vague in my memory.  He did it for the money, for the food.   He taught us never, NEVER take a creature’s life, unless we needed the food.

An interesting period in history for a novel,  because there were no amenities..no DNA testing..no video.   There were many interesting things that happened in the world,  that no one is aware of,  so you could make a interesting story, if you are clever enough.  Thank you JP for the help.. jeez I am flabbergasted, actually.

Hammer the Poor

Hammer the poor.  I stagger around like a bird with a broken wing, because of that shoulder surgery.  The city has started a blitzkrieg for MORE taxes.  Almost everyone in this building is below the poverty line.  Now they are checking back as far as they can to collect taxes.  The E tax is a big target.

A parking ticket is $72 for pete’s sake.

Social security has become a nice target for the bureaucrats.  Supposedly, they cannot touch social security, but in reality, it is easy for them to dip into your pocket.

They are worse than the criminals, and this is no exaggeration.  You go to them to solve your problems, but they don’t give a shit.  The little bureaucrats enjoy making you kiss their ass.

This is the greatest country in the world?  I don’t think so. They’d take the candy out of a baby’s mouth.

The ‘hood is like crabs in a barrel.  I don’t even know why I write this blog.  I guess it is to vent my frustrations.


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