San Antonio Market

San Antonio Market is really coming up in my estimation.  It is a little corner store at Independence Avenue and Gladstone Blvd.  At first, I did not like them.  Lately,  I go over there all the time.  They have a little Taqueria in there,  a little restaurant.  On Tuesday,  Tacos are $1.  The regular price is $1.50, or 4 for $5.

I like the Al Pastor tacos they make.  They have a big Pork roast on a vertical grill,  with whole Pineapple on the top that melts it’s juice onto the pork.  Al Pastor- pork tacos.  I can’t get enough of them.  I think Mexican food is the best in all the world.

Their prices aren’t bad.  Cheap toilet paper $1.25 for 4 rolls.  Coke $2 for a 2 liter, but you do not have to waste gas to go down the street.

Crime Novel

CRIME NOVEL is a song that I made.  I decided to make a Motion Comic page to go with it.  Dunno if, when, or how I am gonna use it.  The song that I made reminded me of a suspense type novel, so I decided to make this page to go with it.  It is best viewed full screen so you can read the text.

I design these for Android  It takes me quite a bit to do each one, and I have yet to publish a Graphic Novel on Google Play. It is great fun making them, I really enjoy it, and I am at it night and day.

I am always making these, I put YouTube videos of them.  But the “real” ones are clickable,  they are click through, and other things can happen.  But the Video versions tell the same story.  They are there on my YouTube channel.

Here’s another one, I just made.  Nick Ballinger-Monster Hunter. I‘ve been updating this for the past 2 days.

It keeps me safe and inside, as I hear all the yelling outside, like usual in Northeast.

The poor always pay the freight.  The USA is designed that way!


This is spot on.  I got a parking ticket for $72.  Couldn’t afford to get the tags right away, let them expire, and brother they just started HAMMERING ME.  They just hammer, hammer, HAMMER the poor!  The VA hammers the poor.  THEY HAMMER THE FUCK OUT OF THE POOR in the USA.

The way the city operates, the way it is set up, it legitimizes local crime enthusiasts.  “The government sucks, so let’s all be anarchists.”  Something like that.

It’s the same in Kansas City.  The USA is a great place- if you got money.  Well, it’s sort of O.K.  I drove all over it in that Semi Truck.  Eh..same old..same old.  The West coast is the best by far.

My latest Motion Comic

Here is my latest motion comic,  The Storm Crow.  It is set in the 1930’s.  This is what I have got, so far.  Ah the great days of the Republicans.  Mr. Herbert Hoover was president, and “free enterprise” was gonna solve everything.  The HTML 5 versions will be clickable, interactive.

The dust bowl happened because of unrestricted farming.  Then the drought came, then the wind came.  Herbert Hoover sat on his ass, saying “free enterprise” was gonna solve everything.  Reminds me of Dubya.. George Bush.

I think FDR was the greatest president.

Using Curry To Stretch food

Curry, India curry, is very popular in the U.K. in Australia, but not here in the ‘States.

It is complicated to make, with a huge list of ingredients.  The PATAK Curry Paste, that you can get at the China Star Market down at the River Market,  the old River Quay,  makes it simple.

They like to use Chicken thigh, which is often found cheap in the USA.  Aldi running a sale on Wednsday for 89cents a pound.  CHEAP.  Here is a video that shows how to make it,  this is the video that I used to learn.  Easy, and tasty,  if you have a taste for it.  Most people around here don’t like it,  but I have a taste for it, I like it a lot.

It makes cheap ingredients taste exotic.

Here is the video,  PATAK Chicken Curry.   I use the Internet for household stuff, such as cooking, more than anything else.  This makes it easy to understand.  It is easy to make, and you don’t dirty up a lot of dishes.

Eh..Donate! Via Paypal

Donate if you want.  It will keep me from bumming money at the 7-11, keep me out of trouble.   It will say “RockLove T Shirts” but I am fixing this.   That is an old site I decided to take down.  I was trying to sell T shirts, but never sold squat.   I am working on my Motion Comics now,  my Graphic Novels. I got a MediaFire account, but haven’t quite figured out how to use it.  In other words,  make a clickable link, that will play the Motion Comic, song, or video that I make.
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Got Rid of my Roaches

It is early, but I have turned the tide against the roaches!  There were scores of them, so bad that when I turned on the light there were hundreds of them!

I got a sprayer, and filled it with 1oz Gentrol, and 2 of the DEMON pesticide packs.  Sprayed GOOD under the stove, refrigerator, and under the sink.  Then I put out ADVANCE gel.  The remaining roaches went right to it,  I was watching them.   I put the ADVANCE in the cabinets mostly, and the area by the microwave.

There was a fast knockdown.  The ADVANCE gel works good, and I am still putting it out, but there are just stragglers now.. got to keep on them!


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