I just had some of these.  They are Beef/Chicken Taquitos.   They are sold 20 for $3.89.  A little less than 20 cents each,  I ate six, and I am big dude.  I was well satisfied.  I had the beef, it is spiced.  They could be eaten without salsa.  I ate mine with both some hot green salsas from the Mexican Mercado across the street, sour cream, and some cheap Aldi or Sav A Lot brand mild Taco Sauce.. forgot where I got it.  Standard red taco sauce.  Hmm..might have got that from Family Dollar or the Dollar Aisle at Price Chopper.  At any rate, it was tasty.

You can make them in lots of ways.. deep fry,  fry in skillet,  Microwave, or bake.  I chose baked.  Baked them for 12 minutes, they were hot and crispy.

Meanwhile..the world rocks and gyrates wildly.  Overseas, and at home.

They were GOOD very good! I can, and will buy again.  Modest price, about 20cents each Taquito as I mentioned before.

A solid 4 stars, maybe 4.5.  Taqueria  Taquitos, or Flautas lots better from the Mexicanos.  THey use deshabrada in them, shredded beef.  BUT..I was very satisfied, very pleased with my little dinner.  The price I put at about $1.20 for 6 of them.  Didn’t have no guacamole to top them off, but they were still tasty.

ALSO..the Casa Mamita Burritos..the bean, beef, beef and bean are supposed to be good.  Top them  with sour cream, salsa, whatever your taste is and they are a nice little cheapy for lunch.  They are very economical to buy.  Forgot the price, but they are a good deal for a nice snack.  I just microwave them.

That is what the world is like.  I guess that’s why people like the drama of football so much.  Dunno.  I like it, but not like the hero worship I had when I was a kid.

As I study now for my motion comic, my visual novel, I realize the ..drama I guess, of the world.  Narrow escapes, choices, and sticky situations.  Life threatening things.

The era I am writing about is the depression, about 1936.  It was the most turbulent period of American history.  There were communists, fascists,  strikes, homelessness, malnutrition like no one has seen in my generation.  My grandparents talked about almost nothing else but the depression.  They came up from Oklahoma.

Growing up, my family didn’t seem to value one another, for the precious thing that they are.

Human beings are one of the weakest creatures on this planet.  our skin thin as an apple, almost anything will kill us. People act like they are invincible, invulnerable, and oh how selfish.  Selfishness is the plague of mankind, and always has been.  They abuse themselves, they abuse each other.

Notice the football games and boxing matches, where people enjoy seeing men pitted against one another.

As far as drama goes, I don’t have to go far to look for that.  How perverse the world is, and how cruel.

I don’t think, that this here United States is great.  For some it is, but the majority, it is every day survival.  It is a dangerous country.

Why, oh why, American politicians want to take other governments to task for human rights violations, etc, is beyond my understanding.   We got plenty of that, right here.

Like HBO’s “Deadwood” that’s what it reminds me of!  The Sunday NFL game is on, I am rooting for the Broncos,  but more than that, I am rooting for my frail little famiy.  Actually, Independence is fucked up too.

No one from other countries sees this shit, and they wouldn’t believe it actually.

I go to the store after working on my motion comics, and Javascript Game engines.  Down there, are these people that look like something out of the those old arcade games.. like “Final Fight”   The prostitutes would make a crow blush.  They are always running them out of the convenience store, and a couple of times,  I’ve seen clerks do stuff like throw down on the punks.. grasping at that pistol in their waistband.

Many of these stores have guns secreted all over the place behind the counter.  Once I saw him go at one guy who refused to leave with a sap.

Here’s the page of my motion comics, Visual Novels, whatever you want to call them.   http://davidx.altervista.org/

Anyways.. how frail life is!  Human beings are actually one of the weakest creatures on this earth.  They die easily, but few people seem to think about that!  They abuse each other, and they abuse themselves.  Human history is filled with nothing but darkness.

Thankful to see my sister, who had severe pancreatitis, acute actually,  cause by a botched gall bladder operation.   Thirty seven days in the ICU.. 37!  Then all winter in the hospital with every tube possible in her.  She can’t even get compensated because of the fucked up laws, of Missouri, which is the most hick state in the United States.

WHY would I fight for this country, or anyone fight for it?   There is one law for the wealthy, and one for the poor.  I’ve seen assaults that go unrecorded.. once I saw a guy get his throat sliced with one of those carpet knives.  No charges were filed.  The same guy that did that, whopped a woman with a ball bat out front.  WHOP it sounded like a melon!  NO CHARGES FILED.

The USA, on a day to day basis, is just as unfair as anywhere else in the world.  The people are often quite rascally.  Selfish, and often downright cruel, why would I give a shit if the Russians took over?  What would I defend..eh Wal Mart?  George Bush?  Matt and Roy Blunt?  Claire McCaskil?  They’re busy dividing up the spoils from taxing the poor, just like any banana republic.  I know, I would gladly die so George Bush could have a Library, of his noble achievements.

A Way to Make Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillet, then Broil it.  This really works like the guy says it does.  I’ve made two of these.  They are made using a flour tortilla as the pizza dough, and it makes a wonderful pizza crust.  I was doubtful, but I am a believer now.

The tortilla crust tastes nothing like a tortilla.  it is crispy,  SUPER crispy and thin.  These are very fast to make.. as fast as you can put the fixings on almost.  The dough looks thick, but it is super thin, flakey and crispy.  People on that site talk about putting two tortillas in the pan, sandwiched by a layer of cheese, for a “stuffed crust” pizza.  They are making other variations.  This is cheap to make.  The tortilla is only about 22 cents.  It is much better than most frozen pizzas.  I like it better than all of them, actually.  Better than DiGiorno, Freschetta, Jack’s, Totinos, Tombstone.   I am gonna start dusting the tortillas in garlic powder.   How good it is,  depends upon your skill with toppings.

After the initial crisping in the skillet, you stick it in the broiler for about 3 minutes or so, to cook the toppings.  It cooks very fast.  The skillet: about 2 minutes.  The broiler: 3 minutes.

You could make PAN pizza this way, with store bought or home made pizza dough.  There are a LOT of ways to make pizza.  Sure beats frozen pizza.  It is much faster, cheaper.

pizza bar pizza w tomato (1)

A guy got killed down by the Askew Inn.  This is a place where lots of homeless and thugs hang out. Women prostituting,  they are drunk, etc.  Surviving any way they can.

Well, someone met a bad end down there.  I stay inside like a mouse,  thankful to have the heat and the electricity, and to have food to eat.

There ain’t no love.  Just bullying and hypocrisy.   Every day is fuckin’ Halloween in Northeast.   It is kind of like, this egotism.  Even the poor, hate the poor.

How to explain it.. “even the smallest bacteria on earth, thinks that IT is the most important thing on earth, and superior to all the others.”

Same thing with people.  They’re gonna show they are the “better person” by murdering the other guy, robbing them, or duping them.  They’re trying to get satisfied,  I guess.  This must be the reason rich people want power, and political office, and more and more power.  They are trying to satisfy this itch.. this itch for some sort of validation,  some sort of reckoning I suppose.

It’s the same reason that I like to write…like a cave man, who likes to write on the wall.

“Healing House” and other “Rehab houses” are the biggest scam.  They just rake in the bucks “rehabilitating” patients.  Not one of them gets rehabbed..it reminds me of the old Asylums of the 1900s.   The people have to pay to stay there, it isn’t free.  If they can’t pay, they run a tab, it is a lot of money. They pay out, I don’t know how much a week, it is a large amount.  No one gets rehabbed.

It is like ‘Payday Car Loans’ almost.   What a scam!

They go back again and again, until they are melted down, into these zombies..like a whipped dog.  It is a pity, the things you see every day.  Sometimes, they are capable of crime and violence.

The ‘War on Drugs’ is the biggest scam in the USA..  Something better, and more efficient needs to be made.  I dont’ know what to do with people that are addicted to drugs.  It is the driving force in their life, at least the ones around here. Eventually, it breaks them down.

Every day, I see the worst.  The people that run these places, they rake in the bucks, and boy, I’m all for that.  I suppose, it is cheaper than the crime, and there is a LOT of it around here.. it’s really jumped up in this 5 mile radius.

The crimes they perpetrate are often upon other, fragile members of the community.. people on social security, or low income jobs.

Hmm.. the drugs DO cause a problem.. health problems.  Drugs are bad, but so is the “War on Drugs.”

A fire up the street, about 2 blocks away at AJ’s bar, (what used to be AJ’s), kills two firemen when the bulding collapses.   Firefighters in Northeast are busy, busy, busy!  ALL NIGHT LONG they are out there, not only with fires, but by people passing out, having heart attacks, etc.  The EMT’s come for people that just keel over all the time.

Half these people are ready to kick the bucket anyways, and I see many a miserable end.  Downstairs, a poor woman has intestinal cancer, and I think it is advanced, because of the look of her.

This must be the worst place in the USA to be a fire fighter.

The rotten denizens of the area are poor as churchmice, many of them, and can be quite vicious to boot.  The building next door is getting filled up with some of the worst of Independence Avenue.  Known prostitutes, and the drugs that follow right along with them.  It is rumored that many of them are still doing dates, even though they have contagious diseases, such as AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc.  They are also adroit thieves.

The guy upstairs got his SS Card, birth certificate, and driver license ripped off by one sweet heart.  It is not uncommon for them to snatch whatever is available.  That same guy got his cell phone nicked by just sitting next to the ‘ho.  She got up and left, and he looked beside him, and it was gone.

The possibility of Arson is there, seeing how this district is.  The fire consumed several businesses on that block.  Two othe firefighters were injured badly.

UPDATE: It really WAS Arson holy cats batman!  That is some sick shit.


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