Musalleti’s BLT

“Musalleti’s” is a little pizza joint inside of a Convenience store FAST STOP.. down at  St. John and whats it.. Wilson Road or Chateau.  Down by the Bigger Jigger and the old Monkey Wards.   It is now the Super Flea.

They serve a nice BLT for $2.19 I think it is very nice.  They use good quality bread, generous on the bacon, with mayonnaise.   I think it’s Italian bread.  They use shredded lettuce, and the tomato is good.

They have these big steak fries that I really like, and they go well with the BLT.

Their Cheeseburger combo is good on Tuesdays for $4, a very large cheeseburger, steak fries, and drink.  Hmm.. others were saying their Philly Cheesesteak and tacos were good.  I never tried them.

My brother says their breakfast is a nice little breakfast too.

It’s amazing how study can enlighten us, on even the most simple tasks.

I tried making grlled cheese on the George Foreman grill, then gave up.  It squished it into a cheesy mess.   The bread came apart, and there was this goo all over the grill.

I became interested in Panini for a cheap meal.  Well,  I found out that if you put the condiments on the INSIDE…and don’t use the butter it will work.  By George, it did.

DON’t put oil or butter on the sandwich.  Makes it soggy.  The grill don’t need it.. it comes out nice and crisp without butter or oil.

Put cheese, condiments, veggies on the INSIDE.  The meats should be on the outside.. the order is; 

bread, meat,     condiments, cheese, veggies, condiments      meat, bread.

Don’t put mustard or mayo or whatever on the BREAD, but on the INSIDE of the meat.  Keeps moisture from leaking out onto the grill.

Just made one, it turned out perfectly, and it cooks in a very short time.. I’d say 2 minutes.  Keep cheeking by opening and peeking at the sandwich until it is toasted to your liking.

WAFFLE IRON TATER TOT HASH BROWNS    Boy I just had to post this one.  You can buy Waffle Irons ALL the time at the Thrift Stores.  They almost always have one.. and cheap.

On that website it says “3 minutes” and they don’t lie!  I just tried it.  Did you know Frozen Tater Tots are one of the cheapest frozen spuds?  Cheaper than loose frozen hash browns.

Defrosted them 6 minutes in the Microwave while I heated up a Waffle Iron I bought for $5 at the Thrifty store.

Sprayed it with Canola oil.  The tots were hot and steaming when I put them on the Waffle Iron.  About 10-14 Tots makes a nice portion.  I didn’t experiment with  cheese or tomato, I wanted to see how well it would work.

Put them in the Waffle Iron and squished them down.. let them cook a little..then locked the Waffle Iron shut with that latch that is on it.

Cooked three minutes..and WA LAH!  They are INDEED.. some of the best hash browns I ever ate!  Better than Waffle House.  The fat tater tot stays nice and soft inside, and a wonderful crispness to the outside.

I didn’t believe they could cook so fast, and was skeptical, but indeed they were done and boy they were good.  They were like hash browns, not McDonalds Hashbrown patties.

With the Canola spray, they came out of the Waffle Maker easily.  You can smell them, smell when they are getting done, but it only took 3-3.5 min.

I am astonished.

NOTE: This don’t work on the George Foreman.. not very well.  Not near as well as a Waffle Iron.

Local Crooks Breakin In

Across the street local crooks are breakin in to apartments.  So there you have it. On one hand, you don’t want a police state  On the other hand,  you don’t want people going hog wild.

Across the street there is another outbreak. Probably some doing drugs, it always causes problems.. the money they need for the drugs.  They usually have big problems besides drugs, so why do they tempt the devil?

It is the Devil, that is what I think.  He is always there.  Satan, whatever you want to call It.

Independence Avenue is really cleaned up.  The cops put the quietus on the local gang banger, misfits.  How I wish local thugs  would have tried something else in life.

They’ve been disbursed or they are in jail.  I’ve known many of them, but they have that anti social philosophy.  They won’t calm down. They are ALWAYs puttin the hustle to each other, always fighting.

I love the philosophers, and most modern philosophers, such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra sort of distill the philosophy that was before them.

You just allow- what is.  Ya can’t stop the rain, can’t stop the snow.

I’m listening to my 11 Hours Rain and Thunder MP3 on YouTube.  These are really great.  Soothing to the nerves.  Note that guy’s YouTube Channel.

Kansas City has started a blitzkrieg on taxes, and sending out threatening letters.  Eh.. they need it to support their debtor prison. It is just like FERGUSON, MO.

That poor young man shouldn’t have confronted the cop.  Police are the most dangerous people in the ‘hood,  more dangerous than the crooks.  It’s not a tossup, they are hands down more dangerous.  It’s hard to say who is more dangerous, come to think about it.  A woman who wants her way, is very dangerous.

BUT.. the city is putting the screws to it’s poorest citizens, and has since my memory.  I keep dreaming..dreaming of a happy place in this world.

The city government would take the candy out of a baby’s mouth.  They will..”kick and beat you, and tell you it’s fair.”

WHY would I give this country military service?  WHY? For WHAT?

Third world countries?  Some of the worst wretches in the world are right here, right in this neighborhood.

Rumor has it that Old Flo went blind.  Flo could be seen walking up and down the avenue, up and down.  She woke up (wherever the poor woman sleeps).. and couldn’t see.  They told me that people are helping her out on the street..helping her get around.  She’s been a prostitute and a beggar for as long as I know.  Sleeps on the street, or anywhere she can.

Myrrh for your Gums

I had my teeth rebuilt in Mexico.   It was amazing considering what they did, and what I paid.  My teeth were bad, very bad.

I had my teeth rebuilt, then, I started using Myrrh in my toothpaste.  I got some powdered Myrrh, but you should really use the tincture variety.  I just use a little powder on some toothpaste..and voila!

Works GOOD! Never had any gum problems, and my dental care is far from fastidious.  Works better than tea tree oil.  Tea Tree oil is better when you have a infection.

Today is $1 Taco day.  I got three Deshebrada (shredded beef) and it is the real deal.  I eat there almost every day it is so borato, so economico!  They serve up the real deal.  I tried their beans yesterday for 79  cents, very good!  If you like refried beans, they are very good.

Man, viva los Mexicanos!  Everyone says.. “they are taking over the place.”   Well, so what? They are a hardworking, efficient people.  I never met one of the “bad” ones.  Eh, that’s ‘cos I don’t fuck with them!

This place is located at Gladstone Blvd, and Independence Avenue.  It’s a Taqueria inside a little grocery store.

I am just blown away by the quality of the food, at a economical price. You can get a filling meal for $3 and change.  These tacos were $3.28.


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