Relentlessly..Whoppin’ the Poor

eyepatch 1

Let’s keep.. kickin’ ass on the disabled, sick and poor.  These HUD buildings are supposed to be for the disabled, poor and Vets.  Let’s be realistic. This is America and no one gives a shit about anyone else.  They boot out Brenda, who travels around with a Oxygen tank.  The little neo Nazis come around with a clipboard.  Make sure you don’t get blood on their nice clean floor!

I think I like it back in Northeast where the landlords don’t care what happens- as long as they get their rent!

But that is the way… the way of the world.  It’s a general disrespect.  It’s not so much the money, but a arrogance.  It’s a “Me first world”.. no matter how much people have.  That is my take on it.  We kind of- use each other to fuel our own experience.


Whop the Poor and Disabled

Now the blitzkrieg on the cars in this HUD building is at a crescendo.  The tow truck lurks, and nails anyone’s car that ain’t got a sticker.  If others are like me- man that is all that they’ve got!  Now to get to the VA hospital on the BUS.  What if I have to go to the E.R.?  It is MONEY for that Tow lot operator.  He lurks both night and day.  A shouting match outside when he tries to tow a visitor’s car.  Then, he gets one guy, a resident out front today, Sunday, about 2PM.

America is a place of incompetence, it is not just Trump.  A place of uncaring, and incompetence.  They fired the building director for “something”.   The same old drunks are in the building, broken glass all over the bus stop.

Easy Off Fume Free

Easy Off, Fume Free, and I am cleaning that oven. In case these Nazis that are running the HUD “Housing for the Disabled” are planning another Blitzkrieg. They evicted one guy who was a double amputee for being a slob. Hah! That lazy bum, it’s all “his own fault”. The demented residents are quick to take up the cry against him.  I will never cease to be amazed at how, the poor or afflicted, are so quick to attack another afflicted person.  Every sod that is in this building thinks he is some superior being,  and he is “different” from the other sods.  Every living creature on this earth is some kind of egotist.  It will do as it damn well pleases, and to hell with you, or any other creature.

Before:Before.JPGafter 1.JPGAFTER.   Whoop.. I left a little in there,
I have the oven burning it off now.  I wiped it out with vinegar and water.  Got EASY OFF on the elements too..but I wiped them down.  Eh.. worked O.K. and it is fume free.  Good enough for a bachelor man.  Gonna wipe out that white stuff and post again I am so proud of myself. 🙂

Here.. this was a 2 Hour job.. let the Easy Off Fume Free set on there for 2 hours.. here’s a little better shot.  Well, cleaner than it was!

clean 1.JPG


Light Rail NO! More Buses YES!


That light rail is gonna cost $220 million, for a 3.5 mile expansion.  The light rail is “cute” yes it is.  Nice.  But more buses would be far cheaper, and serve ordinary folks a lot better!

Each Bus with driver costs $400,000.  This is a pricey, but consider how many buses they could buy for $220 million.  560 buses with drivers salary. 

There are only 129 buses out there in the whole system every day!  If you’ve ever depended upon a bus route, and had to wait because you missed bus that runs every 45 minutes, you will know what I am talking about.  You’ll get stuck out in the cold/heat.  Plus you will be late for work.  The TROOSTMAX is the best route, how I wish they were all like the Troostmax!  It’s just step on/step off.  Do your business.  Step back on. No problem.

The Buses can be switched around to different routes.  The Light Rail is fixed, and cannot be changed.  The Buses can be sold off quickly, the Light Rail cannot be sold so easily.  Just simply, more buses and drivers, is a better deal for the average users, which are the poor, in general.  People going to work, going to the hospital, etc.

I’ve rode the light rail.  It is cute.  Sleek.  It is FUN.  But it isn’t FAST.  It goes just as slowly as Bus does.  Actually, the Bus seats are more comfortable.  The light rail has hard plastic seats.  I like the KCATA buses.  They are not bad at all.

Vote NO On the Light Rail Expansion

Streetcar Front nose.JPG

That Light Rail expansion isn’t the best idea. Less than 6,000 voters are going to decide it’s fate. The cost is $227 million dollars. For that, they could buy 560 buses, with drivers. These are the long buses. Only 129 buses are operating now in the whole system!  Each bus and driver cost $400,000.  The Churches are coming out against it, very sensible. The Light Rail is cool, so is Worlds of Fun. But it’s no everyday solution for ordinary folks like myself. The Bus system could have a wonderful upgrade, for far less money.

The 47 Bus needs more buses on it, about 4 more buses and they would have 15 minute service on it.  It has 45 minute service now.  There are numerous upgrades they could make, simply by adding on more buses.  It isn’t a spectacular solution to transit problems, but a simple, sturdy, and flexible one.  You cannot simply reroute a Light Rail, nor create a new route where one is needed.  So my vote is NO.

I am eager for a solutions to transportation problems.  Light Rail isn’t the answer.  I think adding more buses is the best idea.  I’ve rode the Light Rail.  Pretty cool.  Cute.  But not as efficient and flexible as a Bus.


Tostadas a Quick Cheapy- and GOOD!

I decided to try some Tostadas.  I would always see the shells at the store.  I was unfamiliar with them.  The first time I tried them, I baked them in the oven.  They were good, but they took long, and I sort of overcooked them.  I looked up the Microwave directions. mexipizzas1-400x266.jpg I made some ground beef with a little pepper, a little Sazon Perfecta spice.  I cut up some cilantro and sliced a lime in half.  I simply put three of these on a plate, edges touching but apart, and microwaved them for 45 seconds.  Well it’s a real winner! I will make them again, they were very good.  For only $1 there are at least 2 dozen in there and maybe more.  When microwaved they are the same as the oven.  Warm, and very crunchy, not tough or limp.  Refried beans are a popular choice to spread on the Tostada, because they are sticky and anchor the other ingredients, but you don’t have to.  Eat them over a paper plate!  Avocado, tomato and cheese are popular toppings.  You can put bananas on them if you want.  They are very economical.

I got a jar of jalapeno from Dollar Tree.  When I made the ground beef for the last batch of tacos, I made them in the jalapeno juice.  It was very good.  I liked it a lot.