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The Northeast Confidential.   Google Play App, read on the phone.  Hah.. I’ll earn $1 outta this blog!  Meanwhile.. here is a map of Northeast crime.  This is the Murder Factory Area.  The little car icons are Auto Theft. The fists are assaults.  The masks are burglaries.  The olive like little lock icons are drug arrests.  Dunno what the numbers mean.  The whistles are arrests.  So.. you can get the idea.  This is the crime action for only 10 days on the East Side.  This is a small part of Kansas City holy cats.

Northeast Crime Map

The Ass Kickin’ World of the Poor

Blogroll, Crime

The temperature goes up.  A lot of street action, the sirens going off.  I go to the El Mercado Fresca and get some marinated pork for Tacos Al Pastor.  They have it at the meat counter pre-marinated.

A wreck almost head on at Van Brunt and Independence avenue, no one was hurt.  I turn right on Van Brunt and go around it.  Then,  at El Mercado Fresca.  Chrystal is out there, pretty,  and some some of the other street girls.

Then, back into my mouse house like a safe mouse.

graves (2) blog

I stop and photograph the graves of these unfortunate men, shot down at 11th and Spruce several months ago.  Who knows what it was about?  This is right down near the auto body places and the scrap yard, the metal recyclers.  Why do I even write this blog?  Because I love to write.

A Americanized Curry- Not bad!

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I used “She’s got Flavor” recipe.  Google “She’s got Flavor” Braised Chicken curry.  There is also a YouTube Vid.  Bottom line– the only “exotic” things in this are curry powder, and ground ginger.   It uses heavy cream for the sauce.  The other spices are very common,  Thyme,  garlic powder, pepper, sugar.  I also used half and half or even water to make extra sauce (I like the sauce).  It uses cooking sherry,  but I suspect it ain’t required.  I tried adding potato. Nah, wasn’t very good.  I added dried cranberries to it halfway through the simmer (this tasted good).

curry cream (1) (Mobile)

It’s very creamy.  Has lots of flavor, but it’s not super strong.   Here is a shot of the bowl I just ate, and I like it a lot.  30 minutes to make, cheap to make too since chicken thighs and legs are very cheap in the USA.  The meat in this recipe cost about 70 cent for four thighs.  Easily 2 meals for me.  Heavy cream 16oz was $1.29 but you could use Half n half, or plain yogurt if you wanted.  Or perhaps even plain milk, with corn starch to thicken it, or Coconut milk.  I used Coconut milk last time.  Utokia’s website is  She’s Got Flavor 

curry cream (3) (Mobile)

Well, I like it a lot and will make it again and again.

Then Again


Today a guy keeled over right in front of me at Fast Stop.. finally I said..”we better call the cops.” which wasn’t a popular idea around here. Probably drunk. I make peace with KC, which cost me $7.  Gotta get her a Sonic burger and shake.   She has a whole lot to tell me..let me guess..”sick, broke, and getting their asses kicked!” AND..the world don’t give a shit. Funny. It seems the same news as on the TVee. These people are so f*d there is no saving them. I can’t even save myself.  But, I know her whole history pretty much.  How I hate to see people crapped on, again and again.

The wolves of the world, they are always winning, it seems like.

Northeast has a lot of convenient stores, etc.  But there is that, “crookedness” about it.  No one wanted to call the coppers about that guy.  Could’ve been drunk,  but could’ve been having a stroke.

It’s that judgement of the world.  Who is valuable, and who, is not.  That thug sort of attitude.  Northeast, deserves it’s reputation well.

What is GOOD about Northeast?

In General

What is GOOD about this place?  Well if you like Mexican food it is great, LOL.  Up and down Independence Avenue there are lots of businesses.  Grocery- Price Chopper, Aldi X2 (at each end of Northeast),  Sav A Lot over on Truman road.. AND.. a whole bunch of smaller Mexican food stores.  Actually,  the Mexicano food stores compare in size to Aldi.  San Antonio has a Taqueria in it, that makes Mexican food.  He does a brisk business,  outpacing many of the smaller restaurants.  Hmm.  There are 3 Mexican full size grocery stores.  So that brings it up to 8 grocery stores in about 3-4 miles.  That’s not bad at all.  If I had no car, I could still do O.K. in Northeast.

For example:  I get the online/mailbox flyers from Price Chopper, Sav A Lot, and Aldi.  The Mexicano stores don’t have online flyers (that I know of).  I go to all three stores easily.  West End- Price Chopper and Aldi.  I go over to Truman (4 blocks) and pick up what I want at Sav A Lot.   It’s so convenient that I will often go to a store for ONE item.  Today I went to Sav A Lot to buy Peter Pan Peanut Butter on sale $1.29.  The Mexican grocers have sales, but you have to go into the store to find out about them.

There’s 3 Auto Parts stores in about 2 miles of the Avenue.  It’s not nearly as hard to negotiate as say, Noland Road.  I went over to Overland Park to get computer parts at Micro Center.  It was a LONG way to drive, and much more complicated accessing the store from the big 4 lane road with concrete median in it.

Over on St. John there are more Mexican restaurants, and small markets.  There’s McDonald’s X2,  Hardee’s and Wendy’s.  There are a few other hamburger places.  Humdingers and another one by the Admiral Hotel.  There is Teresa’s drive in.

So if you keep your nose clean, and don’t mess around, it can be O.K.  It is getting a little better as the pimps and drug dealers get packed off to prison.  The thing about them, is that they do NOT quit.  They’ll get packed off, and get out and do the same lifestyle all over again, until they get busted, again.

Farmer’s Market down on the old River Quay district is there.  It’s alright, but I rarely go down there.   I stay within a few blocks, and get most of my needs satisfied.

The Mexican grocers, actually have competitive prices.  I had to have a box of crackers a few nights ago.  They were $1 (Always Save Brand).  Fair enough.  Cheaper than 7-11.  They have pretty long hours too.  Open at 7AM, then closing at 10PM.  So not bad.

There ARE drugs, and sometimes fights.  Dunno what that is about, and I don’t want to find out, not really.

Mexicano Jalapeno and Cheese Bolillo

Cheap Food

I went to the El Mercado Fresco.  They are having a grand opening sale,  so I tried a cheese filled Bolillo Roll with sesame seeds.  These are big football,  oval shaped rolls.  About 8-10″ long with sesame seeds on top.  Mexican bakery goods are generally,  not as sweet as American pastries.  This isn’t even a pastry, it’s a roll.  They are cheap,  $1 for 3.

I just now tried it after swimming.  BOY that thing was good!  The Jalapeno in it is in big pieces,  nearly a whole piece of Jalapeno so you can easily discard it.  There was a LOT of cheese, concentrated in the belly of the roll.  Very crumbly and tasty mild Mexican cheese.  That was very good.  This cheese had that crumbly texture.  A little bit like cream cheese, only it had more flavor.

The roll itself was very soft,  I think they just baked it.  That thing was great.  It’s not really a dessert,  but I ate it after eating 3 Sambusas (little meat pies) from the Safari Cafe.  The Safari is a Somali restaurant.

BOTTOM LINE: I am gonna get these rolls again and again!

Update:  whoop those things are $1 each..they changed the price.  So not that good of a deal.

My cup, it runneth over.


Car Towing Scam


A mix of good, and bad. The guy that owns the little Mexican market started having people’s car towed.  In cahoots with another guy,  it’ll cost ya $200 to get it back.  Well, that being said, no one’s going over there to buy groceries anymore!  The apartment dwellers just have street parking,  when they can’t get a space they park over in the guy’s lot.

He ain’t the only guy who does this.  Rambo’s Chicken up by the old J Mart will tow your car if you park there and go into another shop.  So there is kind of a rash of it, and it’s not the city doing it.

I went to Gregg Klice and I had a some Sambusas, little meat pies at the Safari Cafe.

Seen one girl,  Chrystal, she got beat up really bad.  Life is dire here, and there’s no justice, not really.  “Justice” is very selective.  It just depends if the lawyers think they can make any money on your case.

It’s all the money.  That’s all anyone wants, I mean ANYONE.


Mexican Beef Shoulder Clod

Cheap Food

At the new Mexicano market,   El Mercado Fresca.  Anyways..  I tried some of the Beef Shoulder Clod cut of meat.  They are selling it cut thin, at a very cheap price $2.50.  They even marinaded it free for me, in Mexican spices, onions and cilantro.  I rushed home to try it for lunch.  It is pretty good, and it was tender, not tough as I had expected.  Not bad at all!  They are like Steak Ums, but lots better.  It is just the way they cut the Shoulder Clod into little steaks.   It is called Bistec espaldilla de res.  I bought some more up.Shoulder Clod


Excellent Food Sales this Week

Cheap Food

I always check the Price Chopper, Aldi and Sav A Lot ads on Wednsday.  Price chopper’s $1.99lb Chuck ground beef is 80%, so it’s a bargain.  Bought up some of that, then noticed the SONS OF COLUMBUS spaghetti dinner on May 1st for $8.  It should be great.

THEN.. I went to the new Mexicano Market that is open where the old NAPA Auto parts store is, on Independence Avenue just up from the McDonalds.  They’ve got good sales on a lot of stuff.  Cilantro 4 X $1.  Shoulder Beef Clod for $2.50.  It is marinated and sliced, looks to be designed for tacos or sandwiches.  What a nice price.

Price Chopper has Peanut butter, the Peter Pan brand I believe, on sale for $1.49.  So, it’s time to stock up.