Adventures of the Poor

Man.. I go on Facebook these days and write.  I write a LOT.  It’s the same theme as my blog, mostly.  Problems of America’s poor.  MOST people are poor in the USA.  The million dollar salaries, etc.  Even median salaries.. what the ‘middle class’ is supposed to make.  Well, it ain’t happening.

Many people are sick, and have big problems.  Like cancer.  Cancer is a scourge here.  There is a random sort of violence that crops up.  Thank goodness, I know little of what this is about!  I keep to myself in my mouse hole.

Fuckin’ CARS.  I hate cars.  Used to love them.  WORSHIP THEM!  I like the Bus now, and would enjoy it if there were a more comprehensive mass transit system.

Micro People, Micro Problems

Laws that wealthy people step right over, just ensnare the poor, like a spider’s web.  Out there, the panhandlers are trying to get whatever they can.  The cops go out, and bust on them some more, and they are busted already! I am trying to get my car legal, it is a HASSLE.  If that bus ran frequently enough, I would just ditch the car.  One good thing, we don’t have the SMOG hassle, that California does.  In one respect, I like Trump.  There are too many rules and regulations.   That lady downstairs was getting sick, but I don’t dare give her my medications (she takes the same stuff I do).  Fearful of repercussions on just about everything you do and say.  Someone is gonna JUMP on your ass! Anything,  ANYTHING.. to make life complicated! 

The Hammer Tightens for the Old and Poor

Man, Eric Grietens policies are hitting home already.  I took one old lady to the Dollartree.  She takes Lisonpril,  and other meds for Blood pressure and hot flashes.  She is several days from getting her meds,  and has an attack on me.

I wonder what he calls his policy?  Aktion T4?  She starts to sweat, has to sit in the cold air.  Has one of those canes with the 4 feet on them.   It’s something, the Medicaid shutdown or whatever.


Urban Survival

They got you comin and going.  The State has a hand in just about everything you do.  Especially cars.  It’s just another way to kind of- get jumped.  Now Donald Trump is making so many enemies all over the world,  a U.S.  Passport is a liability!

That’s ‘cos Trump wants to keep us here and milk us, like CRABS in a barrel!

Brown Sugar Chop-My Fav Cheapies

Saw this idea elsewhere, so decided to try it out. Boy I am glad I did.  Just get some bone in Pork chops, I always wait until a good deal comes for center cuts…THEN..

  • Preheat broiler.
  • Put your favorite spices on Pork Chop.
  • Rub brown sugar on chop.  Don’t be shy! I use almost 3Tablespoons.
  • Put pats of Margarine or Butter on top to melt down onto Brown sugar.
  • Put in broiler for say, 6 minutes.

The bottom part that rests on the foil will rub the brown sugar you can lay pats of butter on the bottom side,  spread on the top side.

Turns out GREAT my best way to make them!  CHEAP, with a can of Lima beans cooked with butter melted into them.  Depends on price of Pork Chops.  This meal cost me about $1.33.  The margarine and fat melted into the brown sugar and spices makes a delicious sauce..though not a whole lot of it.  Good enough to dip the pork in.  It’s not nearly as sweet as you would think, either.


Micro Person X

My car has been licensed for a year.  Tags expired  BUT.. the front end jacked up.  Me and my cousin looked at it, it was the Control Arm Bushings, mainly.  What to do?  I’m too poor to even license it, and this happens a LOT to Micro People!  The security Guard’s neighbor paid $600 to get her car licensed, after letting the tags expire.

Well, I found a good guy on Craigs List.  I’ve always had success with mobile mechanics, but the degree has varied, and the price.  Man.. this guy was the best one YET!  I already had the parts from Ebay, but the bushings were so bad I was afraid to take the car across town.  A tow cost $90 to the shops, which are frankly,  rapists.

There are Lots of Micro People.  Many times, the Mobile Mechanics are Micro Persons themselves.  Just trying for some side money, then they get off of there.  This guy was great, did both sides for $100 oh what joy!  I gonna have him do the ball joints next, might as well do the whole front end.  It is aging,and it makes me feel safer!  What a day of luck for ME.  Micro Person X.

The Mexicanos

The only thing I miss about Northeast is the Mexican restaurants.  “You know who” keeps forgetting about the cool stuff the Mexicans contribute.  Like their FOOD.  It is arguably the best cooking in all the world!  Cilantro, beef, onion and spices.  Pork marinated with pineapple.  Beans cooked down to perfection.  Jalapeno.  Mexicans built up this country!  The worked in all of the factories, farms, and have great literature and art.

Now Mr. “Bull-In-A-China-Closet” is messing it up! I miss their little family restaurants and stands.  I like the sound of their language being spoken.  This morning, I woke up with that craving.  Some lunch truck tacos, or maybe even a Mexican breakfast.  The Pollo Asado I had down in Mexico was the best stuff I ever ate! Now they persist in this foolishness.  Maybe, with that stupid wall, they will not let Americanos, down into Mexico!

As usual, the world is doing stuff that doesn’t suit me!  The outside world is a wild horse,  that does what it wants, all we can do is try to cope.  It is surely hard for us Micro Persons.