The East Bottoms

The east bottoms is where I live. It’s actually quiet down in the bottoms, well, except for once in a while. This area of town is where people say..”uh oh.. you live down THERE?”. The worst area of Kansas City is the south side. But it just depends. Where ever things are going to happen, they are going to happen.

I always compare what is actually happening, to what the “news” is. Boy it ain’t good. I remember the case of that girl down in Florida, Terry Schiavo, got taken off of the respirator. Actually, this happens all the time, so I wonder why George Bush was beating his breast about it for? Mikey the Cook got taken off the respirator.. at only age 35. The fool hung himself after his girlfriend dumped him. People around here still speculate once in a while about what happened. People get mangled all the time.. no one says, or does nothing about it, including the cops.

I drive each day down the ramp to the place where I work. This is Chestnut avenue, which goes down to the East Bottoms.  They are working on a bridge there, 2 people have died on this bridge in the last 3 months.  Both fell from the scaffolding.

I wonder what would happen if say, Tiger Woods or Condoleeza Rice fell from the scaffolding.. or George Bush the draft dodger.  I’ll bet the press and “news” agencies, would be falling all over each other with the story, that I am supposed to be all upset about.


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