Kansas City East Side Crime Map

Meanwhile.. here is a map of Northeast crime.  This is the Murder Factory Area.  The little car icons are Auto Theft. The fists are assaults.  The masks are burglaries.  The olive like little lock icons are drug arrests.  Dunno what the numbers mean.  The whistles are arrests.  So.. you can get the idea.  This is the crime action for only 10 days on the East Side.  This is a small part of Kansas City holy cats.

Northeast Crime Map

The Ass Kickin’ World of the Poor

The temperature goes up.  A lot of street action, the sirens going off.  I go to the El Mercado Fresca and get some marinated pork for Tacos Al Pastor.  They have it at the meat counter pre-marinated.

A wreck almost head on at Van Brunt and Independence avenue, no one was hurt.  I turn right on Van Brunt and go around it.  Then,  at El Mercado Fresca.  Chrystal is out there, pretty,  and some some of the other street girls.

Then, back into my mouse house like a safe mouse.

graves (2) blog

I stop and photograph the graves of these unfortunate men, shot down at 11th and Spruce several months ago.  Who knows what it was about?  This is right down near the auto body places and the scrap yard, the metal recyclers.  Why do I even write this blog?  Because I love to write.

Then Again

Today a guy keeled over right in front of me at Fast Stop.. finally I said..”we better call the cops.” which wasn’t a popular idea around here. Probably drunk. I make peace with KC, which cost me $7.  Gotta get her a Sonic burger and shake.   She has a whole lot to tell me..let me guess..”sick, broke, and getting their asses kicked!” AND..the world don’t give a shit. Funny. It seems the same news as on the TVee. These people are so f*d there is no saving them. I can’t even save myself.  But, I know her whole history pretty much.  How I hate to see people crapped on, again and again.

The wolves of the world, they are always winning, it seems like.

Northeast has a lot of convenient stores, etc.  But there is that, “crookedness” about it.  No one wanted to call the coppers about that guy.  Could’ve been drunk,  but could’ve been having a stroke.

It’s that judgement of the world.  Who is valuable, and who, is not.  That thug sort of attitude.  Northeast, deserves it’s reputation well.

Let’s Whip the Poor, some More

SK comes up.  Her kidney has a spot on it.   Since she only has one kidney,  she is very alarmed.  Actually, it’s a pretty bad spot..possibly cancer.  Plus she went to jail for possession of pot.  She must go back to the ER to get a ultrasound on it, some glitch in the health care system.  It is a horrible cycle that people live.   KC has cancer.  I wouldn’t even answer the door, but decided to.. shaking in my boots at the sort of .. holocaust that people live in.  I don’t need their trouble!  Around here people are like water, looking for the opportunity for the smallest crumb.

I see people that have had strokes walking around all the time.  The winter is the worst with it’s cold.  I’ll never get over how the shelters turn them out of doors at like 0600, in tennis shoes and a jean jacket,  and tell them to “look for opportunity” in that freezing fuckin’ cold.  Tall Deb is out there, she was supposed to have been dead long ago.

These are American citizens that go back many generations, and they get treated like dog crap.

I am so tired at observing, the horrible lives that people live.  Who ever said that the USA was “great?”  It’s in my face, every single day.

America never WAS great.   It NEVER was.  In the 1960’s it started to get better.. a little.  Make America “great again” means great for Donald Trump, and others.  No one gives a damn about anyone else.  You have to get that through your head.  NO ONE GIVES A DAMN… people will take from you, whatever they can,  whenever they can.  THAT IS AMERICA.

It was great for Donald Trump’s family.  Inheriting $200 million, he’s a self made man.  When I was back in the USN, we used to piss away practice rounds that amounted to more than most people’s life savings.

The Trumps, even the Clintons, are as alien to me as space aliens.

Almost none of these fine patriots served in the military.  Why would I fight for them, put myself out for them in any way at all?


Northeast..the East Side

Who gets all the rehab money?  Downtown.  This place is run by crooks, I mean the WHOLE United States.  It is depressing as to who to vote for.  I will vote for Sanders, if that makes any difference.  The USA is a banana republic, just like all the other countries in this world we are going to..”straighten out.”

More and More Violence

There is more shit happening around here than ever.  I dunno what it is!  I am not sure if my count is right, but there has been 11 shootings around here in about 2 weeks or so, including the poor Transgender getting run over up at Independence Avenue and Spruce.

Some, are along Independence Avenue.  Some, are at the 23rd and Van Brunt area, one of the worst areas in my opinion.   The area north of the VA hospital.

It’s pointless.. people are senseless and selfish.