Hammer the Poor

Hammer the poor.  I stagger around like a bird with a broken wing, because of that shoulder surgery.  The city has started a blitzkrieg for MORE taxes.  Almost everyone in this building is below the poverty line.  Now they are checking back as far as they can to collect taxes.  The E tax is a big target.

A parking ticket is $72 for pete’s sake.

Social security has become a nice target for the bureaucrats.  Supposedly, they cannot touch social security, but in reality, it is easy for them to dip into your pocket.

They are worse than the criminals, and this is no exaggeration.  You go to them to solve your problems, but they don’t give a shit.  The little bureaucrats enjoy making you kiss their ass.

This is the greatest country in the world?  I don’t think so. They’d take the candy out of a baby’s mouth.

The ‘hood is like crabs in a barrel.  I don’t even know why I write this blog.  I guess it is to vent my frustrations.

This Video is like a Anthem of Northeast

I hardly noticed this guy,  Everlast.  This song reminds me of Northeast- a lot.  It reminds me of the attitudes of people.

I get by”- Everlast.

I like it a lot,  clever, artsy and succinct.  “Gotta keep the rent paid, and the power on.”- Everlast.  This is the one of his, that I like the best.  His music is sort of rap influenced, more like poetry,  and it’s about the realities of poor whites.  It’s pretty good.  Maybe it isn’t just whites so much, just the urban poor,  life around here.  A place of no money, crime, and depression.

The video should show the Vets at the V.A. hospital.  At the diabetic meeting, one guy was talking about his liver transplant.  He has two brothers.  ALL THREE of them had liver transplants.  There are all sorts of problems.

It is hard for people, no one has got it easy.  But around here, you see how ice cold it can get in life for people.  So myself, I enjoy the pleasures that I can, and actually there are many.  Life is both sweet, and bitter, at the same time.

Thugs of Northeast

More Price Chopper THUG action.   Northeast is full of dangerous morons. It is a scary place to live.  They had the black crack thugs, but even worse are the skinhead meth heads.

“It’s the little skinny white dudes who are the meanest ones.” – KC

I love the old song..”White Punks on Dope” by the Tubes.

When probation and parole let’s them out,  Northeast is where they come.  They have learned nothing in prison, other than resentment.  Prison is a place where people grow harder still.  Around here, they almost always go back to prison.  They get out and they do the same thing.  They just got “snitched on” or caught the last time, that’s all.

“Experience holds a very dear school, but fools will learn in no other”-  Benjamin Franklin

The thing is, this place could be nice to live in, it has potential.

But I guess, it is a natural world.  Even the smallest Paramecium is going to do as it damn well pleases, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Pray, that is what you can do.

Cold as a Billy

Cold as a billy..and people seem edgy, some of them in evil temper.  As usual, the world is in turmoil.  Everything changes, every second in the world.  A fight starts in the St. John Market.

That’s ‘cos they sell that nasty liquor in there.  I did not see how far it escalated, but split as it started, along with several other customers.  People are crazy, most of them.  Full of wild ideas, and that booze is like pouring gasoline onto a fire.

These women started arguing over a remark that one of them made, that was not even in reference to the other woman.   I dunno if they actually started to fight,  I split out the door when it started.

A lot of people are like fuse, just waiting to be lit.  Man, it is scary.

Nothin’ but Liquor

I think Northeast is going to get wilder still.  I go down to the Notorious Fast Stop to get some milk.  This place has almost nothin’ but liquor in it’s cooler cases.  A lot of Mexican stuff, since Northeast is turning into Ciudad Juarez.  I like Mexican things, don’t get me wrong, but I am worried about the BAD things coming with them. They have their own ways of doing things,  Northeast is FULL of that.

?I’m “Old School” etc”.  Translation- a criminal. Maybe it is my imagination, but maybe, there will be the cartel war type activities.

The Fast Stops,  all of the convenience stores except 7-11, and a couple others,  are just packed with liquor.  These are more like liquor stores,  with just one small area of the cooler case for Milk.  They are selling it as fast as they can load it in there, too.  Fast Stop has 2 trucks a day bringing in almost nothin’ but Mexican beer.  It’s that old Devil Juice,  I call it.  That shit brings out the worst in people.  I keep thinking of East St. Louis, where they have all night liquor stores.

Friday night there are lines in the stores for that Stupid Juice.  

The drug trade causes fights, because people spend their money on an expensive habit, instead of food, shelter, and medicine.  It seems like mankind just loves darkness.

I go there to get nasty cigarettes at the Fast Stop- what a fool.  They are selling that stuff like it is going out of style.. Modelo,  Corona, some of the customers staggering they’re so drunk.  It’s mostly Mexicanos.  Love the Mexican food.  Don’t like that booze.

The inner city just has this air of gloom and darkness about it.  It is the devil, loose in the world.

Eh Plenty o’ White Fools Too

There is one thing about being a Fool.. it knows know race, creed, or color.  Now that snippy little thing Margie fights with her old man.  They are both whites.  I do not know if they are drug enthusiasts or not.  The dude is always saying.. “those cops kicked in such and such apartment.”   Well who gives a shit?

Anyways, I do not know how they even have a voice left, or least,  how Margie has a voice left.  They were screaming for 3 or 4 hours.   Well they DID take a break after the first 2 hours.

We are in God’s image,  except our mirror is distorted and malformed.. like these Frankensteins of God.

Anyways,  when that  starts I dive under the covers.


All the Mexicanos are going to church.  Some are working.  There are two chicken places set up,  one down at the BP across from Northeast High School,  the other up by Fast Stop across from Indiana.  I had a chicken yesterday,  Pollo Asado al Carbon.  YUMMY!

Brandi is out there.  She bums a cigarette from me, and she looks terrible.   Fat,  and with the same dirty clothes on she has been wearing for days now.  She is desperate and dangerous,  so I steer clear.

Actually,  it is peaceful, and how sweet the peace is, as long as you steer clear of people.