Gregg Klice

Gregg Klice, and the other recreational centers,  they are the finest things in Kansas City, in my opinion.  At least for someone like me, with my shoulder all tore up.   It is just great.  The pool was shut down for repairs, now it is open.   Boy I gonna hit it every chance I can!

Have anxiety or depression problems?  Man just a small time in that pool, then jacuzzi, then the sauna.. that will straighten out your problems.  I am always watching motivational vids online, on YouTube, and they have some of the finest!  Bob Proctor,  Tony Robbins,  Les Brown.   They have gotten BETTER over the years, notably Tony Robbins.  So, I make it my meditation.

Life is really UPBEAT as the youngsters play basketball, and the oldsters exercise in that water.  It really is a good thing.  The price is very low, what a good, good deal.

A Sharp, no Huge Rise in Crime

I don’t know who, is doing what to who, about what.  There is a alarming amount of crimes, serious ones like murder.   I have stopped counting, and I do so from the news.  I stay inside, like a mouse.

I stay away from people, as much as I can.  Who KNOWS why the things happen? There are other miseries, such as food and shelter.   One lady died in the end building, had a seizure or something.  She was only 34.  Now her boyfriend in the same building got put out, his stuff out on the curb, and he is out there sleeping with it now.  Eh..they was behind on the rent anyways.  Action right out of Charles Dickens- constantly.

Put out of Apt

Just pitiful.. wild, and crazy.  Money seems at the root of it all,  plus a callousness toward other people.

Next morning, the landlord came with a trailer and pitched his stuff into it.  He was  behind on his rent.   What a shocking past few days this man had!

Many people face stark realities, health and financial problems.  Substance abuse problems, I guess.  America has become like, toxic.   The politicians and rich people seem like beings from a alien world.

Myrrh for your Gums

I had my teeth rebuilt in Mexico.   It was amazing considering what they did, and what I paid.  My teeth were bad, very bad.

I had my teeth rebuilt, then, I started using Myrrh in my toothpaste.  I got some powdered Myrrh, but you should really use the tincture variety.  I just use a little powder on some toothpaste..and voila!

Works GOOD! Never had any gum problems, and my dental care is far from fastidious.  Works better than tea tree oil.  Tea Tree oil is better when you have a infection.

The Gregg Klice Center

The Gregg Klice Center is at Paseo and Truman.  It is a recreational center, that has a large Olympic size pool,  jacuzzi, and hot tube.  Well.  I got a monthly pass, and went down there.  I was surprised that the other patrons were just as out of shape as me, so I wasn’t embarassed.

It really is nice.  The pool warm, the jacuzzi nice and hot.   Didn’t try the sauna out.  It has a basketball court,  weight room, and computer room.  It is a good bargain.

NO.. it’s a great bargain.  When the municipal pools are filled up,  this place will be empty, and it is a Olympic size pool.  There are toys to play with,  mostly old and out of shape people there, so it’s not a beauty contest..which is good for ME!

Got Rid of my Roaches

It is early, but I have turned the tide against the roaches!  There were scores of them, so bad that when I turned on the light there were hundreds of them!

I got a sprayer, and filled it with 1oz Gentrol, and 2 of the DEMON pesticide packs.  Sprayed GOOD under the stove, refrigerator, and under the sink.  Then I put out ADVANCE gel.  The remaining roaches went right to it,  I was watching them.   I put the ADVANCE in the cabinets mostly, and the area by the microwave.

There was a fast knockdown.  The ADVANCE gel works good, and I am still putting it out, but there are just stragglers now.. got to keep on them!

Guardin my Pot o CHikin for Xmas

Like Crabs in a barrel.   Everyone is pretty bummed out.  One kid is gonna get himself into trouble, he keeps getting in the building to sleep in the basement or something.  He keeps fuckin’ with the other tenants.   The dude keeps climbing up on the balconies ‘cos he can’t get in, he is making people (like me), nervous. He claims one of those lovely flowers over there is his GF.  Local girls here are thieving and evil tempered.

Chris down at the Mexican joint says..”these women will use you and abuse you.”  The chief disease is their fuckin’ drugs.   Almost all the local women are extremely boring.  Their goal is to get some money out of you for drugs, or to rip you off for stuff to sell or pawn to buy drugs.  It is no fun having to sleep with one eye open.

It would be funny, but sometimes something really bad will happen.

KC takes 5o used books down to the bookstore, but she doesn’t get hardly nothin’ for them, so she is all bummed out.  She is depressed and evil as a snake.  I try to cheer her up and she snaps at me like a Alligator Snapper.

I am sort of o.k.  Scraping the bottom of the barrel and it ain’t even Christmas.  I am making CHiken noodle out of a big 4lb pack of Chicken breast.  I will add boiled potato and the noodles at 1 hour, then a can of cut up biscuits at 30 minutes to make dumplings.  Like a Chicken stew actually.

I put in 2 cans broth, 2 cans cream o’ chikin and am still cooking the breasts until the meat falls off the bone, and then I will remove the bones, shred the meat, and do the above steps.

It’s all right though.  I’m safe and warm, got food to get me through the month.  I have stuff to study, such as the Intel XDK for HTML5.  I study this all all the time, along with RenPy and Motion Artist.   What kind of Apps do I want to make?  Visual Novels.  So there is plenty to study.

Plenty o’ PBS and Nova to watch,  I am watching Secrets of the Dead: The Black Plague,  now.  Pretty scary stuff, too.  A Plague outbreak is still possible, and it is very virulent, kills quickly, and surely.  If it gets in the lungs there is almost no chance of survival.   That stuff’s still around, too.

Update: My Chicken Noodle turned out GOOD.  I forgot the dumplings.  This recipe makes a large pot of it, about 12 Main course size servings.  I put the majority in the freezer.  It is quite tasty.

Medical Murderers and Monsters

I am writing a Visual Novel.. a Horror Novel.  So I read up on “Dr. Walter Freeman”.    He was a lobotomist, that gave thousands of lobotomies.   He wore neither glove nor mask during many of these procedures.   He lobotomized 19 minors including a 4 year old child.  He didn’t even have any formal surgical training.

Didn’t cure “mental illness.”  Translation of “mental illness”- people that didn’t fit in, or they were “gotten rid of.”  Masturbation, was considered a “mental illness”.  So was a sexually aggressive woman.  Mae West, for example, might have been put into a asylum.

Really nice, people are.   Do you think the American people are nice?  I don’t.

So often, a dirty, ragged bum is more worthy of respect than a fuckin’ yuppie in a “power” suit.  Just like the V.A. hospital.   Very little is shown about the lives of the poor.  Just a glimpse here and there.  This is a place for the THEIR career.. it is not about the patient.  If they could- they’d have us chained up in the basement.  At least some of the doctors there would.

You can read more in the link I put,  and it is unbelievable.  Rosemary Kennedy was given a lobotomy by Walter Freeman.  Many of his patients died.  Even the powerful Kennedys could not escape the demon.

Christian Church Hospital here in Kansas City is said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States.  They had a doctor there, named Patterson who believed in the more.. “aggressive” mental health “cures”.   Ice baths, wet sheets, lobotomies.

I keep thinking of the bureaucracy at the V.A, and of Research Medical Center, where my sister had surgery.

The world is full of bureaucracy,  scheduling, etc.  You have to watch, really watch.   You can do things too early,  you can do them too late.  You can jump to conclusions,  just like Rosemary Kennedy’s family did.

Man.. no on gives a fuck about YOU.  No one does.  Not the doctors, not the lawyers, not the cops, not ANYONE.  Jesus Christ could return to this earth, and he would get treated exactly the same.  Maybe “Dr.” Freeman would give him a lobotomy.

The world is always trying to pound, the round peg named YOU.. into a square hole.  What if Jesus did return to earth?  The militarized police force might shoot him full of holes,  he’d get a lobotomy,  and he’d probably get robbed.  The IRS would be on his ass.   At least they wouldn’t crucify him, like they did last time.

Like a fish in a barrel is the average man.  It is a dangerous world of many self serving agendas.