Predation of the Poor in Missouri

The poor always pay the freight.  The USA is designed that way!

This is spot on.  I got a parking ticket for $72.  Couldn’t afford to get the tags right away, let them expire, and brother they just started HAMMERING ME.  They just hammer, hammer, HAMMER the poor!  The VA hammers the poor.  THEY HAMMER THE FUCK OUT OF THE POOR in the USA.

The way the city operates, the way it is set up, it legitimizes local crime enthusiasts.  “The government sucks, so let’s all be anarchists.”  Something like that.

It’s the same in Kansas City.  The USA is a great place- if you got money.  Well, it’s sort of O.K.  I drove all over it in that Semi Truck.  Eh..same old..same old.  The West coast is the best by far.

I want to move to Thailand- and be a Nobody

Being a nobody in Thailand might be more fun than being a Nobody here.  I know the other nobodies.    So,  I’d like to try it over there for a while.  They have fun train rides,  beaches, and lots of other neat stuff.   One thing that impresses me, is the transport.  You don’t need a car over there,  not really.   In the USA you MUST have one,  it is almost, a MUST thing.   People do without them, but, well.. it is not that good.  Public transport might be pretty good,  even fun.   The trains look really fun and affordable.   I took the Amtrak once here,  up to Milwaukee, and it was FUN.

It would be FUN to take one of these trains!  Especially the sleeper cars.   Too bad they don’t have them in the USA anymore,  at least not that cheap.  Passenger trains are a novelty item in the USA.   It was cheap and fun when I did it years ago, but now it is expensive and unreliable.

On the other hand,  I am looking at the recent unrest in Thailand, and the rising number of crimes against tourists.   Lately, the crimes have been much more vicious.   It seems to be that drunkenness.   A lot of people get shanghaied when they are drunk,  and looking for vice.   I can’t get over how many people can go through life with this habit!  I can do nothing when I am drunk,  and it makes me feel sick.   It’s been 19 years since I have been drunk.  It’s too bad.  Thailand seems a beautiful country.  Mexico, is even MORE beautiful.  But people are saying not to go there.

WHERE... is a happy place, on this earth?   It’s a dangerous goddam world.   I keep thinking of splitting.. but other places seem even worse!

I look out the window and there are 3 cop cars and a fire truck.  Some of the Nobodies are sick, in a fight, or whatever.

Bring back the Model T

They ought to bring back the Ford Model T.  I am not joking.  Well a, a modern version of it.  The Model T engine is listed on Ward’s 10 Best Engines of the 20th century.

The Model T didn’t even have a fuel pump!  It relied on gravity feed, and it didn’t have a water pump either.   Henry Ford made it out of the finest materials he could find,  not like the plastic of today’s cars.  At $850 brand new,  any one who had the smallest job could afford one, even back then.

Also listed is the VW flat 4 engine,  the engine of the Volkswagen Beetle. The Honda is a good car, but it’s too complicated. There’s too much electrical crap on it to make it keep going.   I like that Ford F150.  The old ones,  not the new ones.  A cheap initial price.  Keeps running forever.  Nice heater,  nice A/C on it.   EVERYTHING worked on that old Ford, and I didn’t give but $750 for it.  You could haul stuff with it,  although I hardly ever did.

Actually,  GM has engines on this list, so does Honda, Toyota,  BMW, Ford, and Porsche.

I am surprised the Ford inline 300cu 6cyl is not on this list.  That thing is indestructible.

In India, many cars are more like Cushmans.  3 wheel jobs.  I am not saying get one of those.  I am saying..  GET A OLD FORD F150!  That thing was the best I ever had.

It really Ain’t Too Bad

All in all, it ain’t too bad at all. I am tired of the news media trying to tell me what to think!  Now it is the Trayvon Marten case.  A man has got a right to defend himself, that is my final word.  It should have never happened, but so much stuff happens, that should never happen, it is the same throughout human history.  Since the verdict, there have been several more murders in Kansas City.  People are ALWAYS doing it to one another!

Local crime goes on without skipping a beat, even as this matter is being settled.

We had just such a case out front, where a (drunk) white dude was punching out a black man, in a argument over the black guy’s stupid dogs.   The black guy cut the white guy,  injuring him badly.  What was the outcome.. SELF DEFENSE.  Never went to trial.  No one was even arrested.  The white dude is paralyzed on one side.   The thing is.. it NEVER should have happened!

In some places in the world,  children do not make it to age 5,  yet people will fight to the death over some skittles, or a dog.

Backbiting families,  grudges held for years.   People abuse themselves, and one another without letup.

I pity myself a lot, but boy, I would not want to be in a lot of people’s shoes!

To Expatriate- even on a limited budget

I read about people who go to other places to live.  I read about them, then get appalled by the violence and crime they can get mixed up in.  Well, we have that right here in the USA!  I had two cars stolen, one with all of my photo albums, family,  US Navy cruise books, everything.  I’ve gotten rolled, and had snatch-and-run thieves rip me off.

I read all the expatriate websites.. “live in paradise for $1,000 a month”.. and keep wondering if they are bull crap.

As far as danger, and nervousness… you have that right around here.  It is DANGEROUS to live in the ‘States.   At least in this city.  I do not feel safe. I go to the store- then quickly back to my crib.  A homeless man got killed down in the bottoms– hit by a car.  The bottoms is where I started out, at the start.  This stuff is not “far away” but right around this neighborhood!

Old Dave got fired from his job, aged 73.  Eh.. cos he wouldn’t sit down in Harrisonville and sleep all night in the cab of his truck.  TYPICAL trucking.  This is what I did for most of my life, and it ain’t easy.  He’d got put out of service for the brake chambers on his truck.   His boss got mad and blamed him.   That’s trucking.  They blame the drivers for EVERYTHING.  I did that for 20 years, and it sucked.  There is so much unseen danger.  That company lost a good man in Old Dave, he is a GOOD man.

Update:  Well as I read, and watched more YouTube video, I learned a few things.  Other “paradise” countries- have quite a few problems.  In the paradise of Thailand, the south is on the brink of civil war.   The new President of Thailand is cracking down on drugs with a heavy hand- some say out and out murdering suspected drug traffickers.   The resorts have quite a crime problem.

The Perils of the USA

Whitney Houston’s tragic end is all over the papers and internet.  Unfortunately, it is not a uncommon story around here.  The trial of the guy that nearly killed my cousin’s son up in Maryville, MO is rolling around.   These were not poor kids, gangbangers,  but college kids sheesh.   My sister is still in the hospital.  Since October she has been in the hospital, Oct 18 the day of the initial surgery.

Battles with boyfriends, etc.. drugs.  All are very common here.   It is tragic and ugly, but stuff like this runs through American society.

Life is a bad, BAD dream for many people.  Many people die young,  even younger than Whitney Houston.  How come when things happen to celebrities there’s this big hulabaloo.. but when things happen to Joe Schmuckatelli, there is barely a line in the newspaper?

The story of MOST people’s lives seems to be.. “You always get what you Don’t want.”  When people get destitute they will often go to the SUB safety net in the USA– prison or jail.  Drug or alcohol abuse go hand in hand with it.  Plus these STUPID attitudes.  “Stop Snitching”.. “Drug laws are racism”, etc.  You’ll wind up in a HEAP o’ trouble, and it is the same all over the world!

In some countries, like Thailand, in certain parts, WiFi is available free in many countries.  Wifi is free here only in certain spots.  My Cable internet connection runs me $50 a month.

I keep wondering if I would be better off living somewhere else.  Maybe so, maybe not.  Many areas of Kansas City are just as bad as the third world countries that we turn our nose up at.    Trash all over the place, boarded up houses,  drugs, with fearful and warlike neighbors.

On the net, I go to forums of worldwide travelers.  It is dangerous in Central America, but many people are afraid of the USA.

Many people are poor.  Street girls come around.  They are poor, begging basically.  They are sick.  One woman has lupus.  She is pushing 50, and has to undergo radiation treatments at Truman.  She gets thrown in jail all the time for trespassing,  bullshit charges like that.

I’d like to live in a place with warm, clean, salty water.  Someplace that is peaceful.   People overlook the joy of boring.  Boring- can be quite nice.  So I started checking out these latino countries.  I must say,  we do not have anything like that in the USA.  I just saw a few documentaries about Guatemalan gangs and violence.  It would be horrible to be near such activity.  However, there is a lot of crime around here!  I mean two doors down.