Survival in America

TO SURVIVE…in THIS COUNTRY..the USA. There’s lots of stuff about this and that..ultimate confidence, blah.  But to SURVIVE.. in this country.  To get a roof over your head, a job, food and shelter, starting from nothing.  From ZERO.. with no car, no money, no nothing.  That’s what this blog is about, basically.  What if you didnt even have a driver license?  No car?  Many people survive in this country, nearly all thier life without a car.  There are still people hungry, many of them.   This is NOT a guide.. but my observations.  It’s a blog.  I write this, because I like to write.

It is..a narrative..about the shit that happens to people.

There are people living on the street, sleeping out in the bushes.  Without the churches here that feed the homeless, life would be very, very difficult for them.  They know the places to go, which church serves food when.  Which church has clothing, old bread, etc.  They have lived this way for YEARS.. some of ’em I’ve known of for like, 5 years.  Crazy Flo.  Tall Deb.  Mexican Pam.  Etc.   This is smack dab in the middle of Kansas City, MO.

It is about the rise and fall of common people, and the problems they face in this world.  It ain’t about George Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, or any of the TVEee people.  These people did well, but they are as uncommon as grains of sand on a beach.


First off.. you got to have a CAR. No ifs, buts about it. That’s the first thing. Many people are sleeping in thier cars. I had my RV, that was pretty good.. but where to park it, as people are very UN NICE in the Urban area about parking it..and you have to have a electric wire. Running off of the generator is too expensive.

Then.. a PHONE.. you’ll need a phone. The cell phone is quite a revolution. I don’t even have a phone here, but cable internet.

Then.. a place to live. That’s why I live in the Northeast, rent’s cheap here. There is more crime, but there is also crime out in the country.

The craziest people on earth live seems like. My cousin got robbed..with two rottweilers, handguns in the house, and himself.. he is a BIG old guy.. well over 6 foot. Some crazy robbed his house..and tried to cash his checks.

Beware of predators. I suppose this is the same world wide. They come with all sorts of faces. Drug dealers.  Booze. Big corporations. Out and out crooks. Doctors. The Government. Psychiatrists. Psychiatrists in Amerika barely talk to you..before pumping you full of pills. There are pills for everything, and most of them produce such bad side effects, they are worse than the original condition.  If you cannot pay your gas bill, or your boss is forcing you to break the law (or no job) ..such as the trucking industry.. or your wife has turned on you and is taking drugs, a pill don’t help!

This brings me to another group to beware of in life- The Sadists.  James Lee Burke talks about them in his Dave Robicheaux books.  These novels describe life in America very well.   I do not know why people take such delight in seeing pain inflicted, but they sure lap it up! Boxing.  Secret glee at the misfortunes of others.  The Greeks called this “Hubris”.

People in this country can be creeps to one another.  I think people mean well, at least I hope they do, but things can go awry.  They seem mostly, in general, looking for an advantage for themselves. I suppose it is this ..kind of delusion.. that defeating one another, builds upon THEM as a person.


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