The Fool Shoes we Wear

“Each man must wear out at least one pair of Fool Shoes.”- Charlie Chan.  After all the stuff I did in life, it would have been best to have just kept applying at the Post Office,  until I got hired!  Instead I drove over the road,  worked at AT&T in the IT industry,  did this and that.

The simple job of the postal workers looks appealing right now.    It is NOT an easy job.   They must walk and walk and walk.  But it pays really good, compared to many jobs that are supposed to be.. high tech,  cool,  etc.   The most I ever made driving a semi truck was $41,000 a year.   This was GONE from home all the time,  and pretty much 70 hours a week,  sitting in front of a steering wheel smoking,  then a couple hours of frantic, heavy exercise,  and starchy truck stop food.

How I love my nerd gadgets and computers.. but the IT industry just went south,  I guess.    Love the computers,  but boy, I do not see how I am can make a coin drop with them.

I see people in Northeast living very exciting lives.   They are in and out of jail,  use drugs until they practically drop.   They use them until it drives them clean into the gutter.

We are offered an apple, but choose instead the poison.



My Favorite YouTube Music to Work By

I mentioned this in a prior post.. today I was airbrushing T shirts and I started to listen to this YouTube relaxing music stream.  I am a junkie for these,  and listen to as much ‘New Age’ and ‘Ambience’ music as I can find.  I listen to it all-  Dick Sutphen,  Kelly Howell,  Guided Meditation, Binaural Beats,  OM chanting,  Gregorian Monks.    These take the cake for inspiration and music to work by.

Relaxing Music- 8 Hours Study Sleep Yoga.

It is the bomb- so far.   I search around,  and it is like I find one jewel that is more beautiful than the last one.   Some of the shirts I made- I like, and some not.   I sit and drink a coffee..and contemplate the shirts,   my life, and the lives of the people around me.

Don’t make no money at it.   I love to do it though, it is FUN.

Hold the phone… here is..the 2nd volume even better what great taste the poster has!

Relaxation Music – Vol.2 – 11 Albums – 10+ Hrs

I’ll bet the rest of the volumes are just as good.   These playlists are the finest I know of.

Hamtaro Blog (Small)




Got to have a Car- in the USA

You have to own a car, in the USA.  Own it or lease it, you MUST have one to survive here.  This excludes a few cases, but to have a full experience, you have to own a car.  Many stores are miles away.  The bus system is $1.50 and very slow.  It travels to few places.

I blew the fuel pump, or the relay at least on my car.  I have to fix it myself or have it fixed by a mechanic.  These dudes charge $50 an hour, and often, they are wrong.  They will sometimes screw your car up worse than the the original problem.

Oh well, at least I won’t have to worry about it being stolen for a while!

I wish those kids would STOP with the fireworks!  I hope they run out of them soon.

Could You Retire Overseas and Enjoy it?

I watch YouTube about this all the time.  I just saw some very negative reviews of Costa Rica on YouTube.  “Costa Rica Untold Facts“.   As a matter of fact, it’s the kind of stuff I don’t like about the U.S.A.  I do not want to live in a place where burglar bars are standard on EVERY house.

The thing that attracts me is the more relaxed attitudes in other countries, and the things that are available there.  Cheap domestic help, low rent, low cost health care.  BUT..petty crime is endemic to Latin America, according to many Expats.  We have that here.  I can also get low cost help in exchange for favors here.  People value respect for the property of others, at least, some people do around here.   There is a lot of crime in the U.S.A., but there seems to be way more in certain countries.

Things happen around here.. they are close, but not on this street, not anymore hopefully.   Thailand might be nice.  Lots of great beaches… great food that is cheap.

Maybe the U.S.A. is pretty good, after all.  I think the expats are kind of crazy.  Many are Ron Paul supporters, but some countries exemplify his philosophy as I understand it.  Heh- every man for himself.

I do not want to “escape” Obama.  On the contrary,  I’ll vote for him again.  I think the republicans are full of shit.

The U.S.A. has a lot to offer.  For one thing, you are not eligible for Medicare overseas.   For another thing, it is the country I was born in, and we all served in the military for.   The USA has drinkable water, and a host of other standards for food and drugs.  The roads are good, and kept in good repair.  The judicial system seems better here than in other countries.. with the exception of maybe the U.K.   The cops are well armed, well funded, and do not seem as corrupt as in many countries.   There does not seem a double standard here for foreign visitors either.  In Thailand owning property is tricky, for instance.    It gets kind of boring, but it still has lots to offer.  Maybe “boring” is kind of nice!  At least, in the USA, a person has redress for grievances, although it is prejudiced toward the wealthy, and vested interests.

Health Care- I have gotten very good health care from the V.A. medical center, and it was very inexpensive.  Truman Medical center treats the poor around here that are not Veterans.  In Thailand, if you have a Tourist Visa, health care is very costly.  If you do not have the money, you are not seen at all, it is that simple.   The Affordable Health Care Act needs to be adjusted..but it is a step in the right direction.

The USA People.  Ah here’s the rub.  If you don’t get on their good side..people can be nuts..and I mean homicidal.  It is happening MUCH more frequently than I remember as a child.  There are all sorts of thick attitudes.  Sue happy, and crazy.  Watch out if you get married here!  It seems like ALL people DO is fight.  There is high crime, but lately, it has slackened in this area…(now watch me jinx myself.)  There are many factions.  The “Ron Paul” faction (the drug dealers and users)..ethnic and gender based factions.  The “sadist” faction rears it’s head once in a while.  You cannot get too friendly.  Society is rather splintered.

Other countries might be the short term.  There are many benefits that people ignore.  We are kind of..little brats in this country.

Through the Cracks of American Cities

People have devastating problems around here, that could be solved for a few dollars.  Cars, for instance.  Often people cannot afford to fix their cars.  A solution for that could be to just sell it.  Junkmen are paying up to $400 for cars around here.  With, or without the title.  However,  this might be driving the price of used cars UP.   Yup you can get $300 outta the sled, title, or no.

The bus CAN be used to get around, but it is really not practical.  You can get stranded, on a Sunday, for instance.  The fare has really gone up, too.  It costs $1.50 to ride nowadays.

Buying the car is just the start of the expenses on it.  They have the “personal property tax” around here.  Inspection, insurance, and other fees bump it up to about $350 to get a car legal.

THEN.. there is the angst of getting your car stolen.  People do that around here, they do it out in the suburbs.  It is a devastating blow.

It happens to the rich, also, and it is nothing new.  Doris Day, for instance, was married to a monster.  That guy should be strung up.  There are all sorts of games being played in the world.  Nothing, is as it seems.  In life it is hard not to become completely cynical.

We should treat one another as if we were golden,  but unfortunately, we do not.

Poor Man’s WD-40

I found this trick on a Internet forum.  I googled “the best general purpose automotive lubricant”.   Something like that.  These guys were comparing their favorites.  “Deep Creep”,  “Kroil”,  “WD-40”, “PB Blaster”.  I have lots of uses for it as I nurse this old truck.  These are all very expensive,  over $10 a bottle in some cases.  This guy makes his own WD-40.

The formula is:  1/2 Power Steering Fluid,  1/2 Acetone (Nail polish remover). You can get the acetone at Family Dollar for $1.00.  I had half a container of cheap power steering fluid laying around.

I put them togther, in a squirter bottle I got at Family Dollar for $1.00.

I tested it out on the screws on my tail gate cover access hatch.  My tailgate on the Ford F150 was stuck, and I mean STUCK.  Even when it DID work, you had to push up on it, and all this stuff.  Very “iffy”.

I soaked the screws in the access cover, and let it sit over night, and really, I didnt expect much.  Well, to make a long story short, it worked, and very well.  I needed almost NO force to get them undone.

With the access cover off, I could see the whole tailgate mechanism, and I soaked every part I could think of with the poor man’s WD-40, and put bearing grease on the latches, and every part I could see that was metal on metal.  The hinges I sprayed and coated with the grease.  God it is hot.  I also wanted to replace my battery terminals, but that sweat was pouring into my eyes.

Now a child could open and close that tailgate!  The opening latch gives smoothly,  just like opening a car door, with no sqeak or squeal, and it closes smoothly, effortlessly.  Seemed to work well, and I am gonna test it out even more.

ONE NOTE OF CAUTION.  The acetone in this formula WILL melt plastic, and it will eat through paint, so a note of caution.  The stuff ate through the plastic squirt bottle I was using.

Ford F150

An old Ford F150.  That is my poor man pick.  There are a lot of cars that are cheaper on fuel, easier to park.  The Ford F150’s qualities are it’s sturdiness, simplicity, and availability.    Craig’s list is just filled with them,  the old ones.  The straight six gets reasonable gas mileage, and they are tough as tanks.

The straight six model is SIMPLICITY itself.  You pop the hood, and realize that the F150 is built like a tractor.   That is what it reminds me of, a tractor.  The older F150’s seem better yet!  I had that 1981.  If the Kingpin bushings hadn’t broke, I’d have it still.  The carbureted engine seems simple as a lawnmower.  This one has EFI.. it’s fancier.  Got to keep it going.   There are tons of F150’s people are parting out on CraigsList.

The japanese cars are good, but I found the Honda and the Toyota Celica complicated.  They had too many electrical connections, too many things that could make the car unstartable.

My old ISUZU Trooper went out, and none of these shops will touch it.  The cowards.  With my medical conditions, availability of tools, and a place to work on it, I can only do the simplest stuff.   With the prices the shops charge,  I expect them to be rocket scientists.   They are scandalous, and there is a whole, scandalous industry with these shops.   So I am selling it for salvage, and scraped together the money for is a crap shoot. but I think I chose well.

You need a car to survive in America, no if’s, ands, or buts.  Unless you are fortunate enough to have a job just right around the corner.

Japanese cars seem complicated, but not the F150.  The old ones made in the ’80’s are about as simple as you can get.  A box of steel, over a tractor chassis.  With the carbureted engine, there is a ton of room, you could almost stand in there with the engine, and still have room to work.

You can make a buck or two hauling couches with them also.  That is always good.  Old Fred drives around in his $200 Tempo, and will stop at the bus stations, and give people lifts for $5 or so.   He’ll spot a person waiting on the bus with a few bags of groceries, and give ’em a lift for a few bucks.   Hustlin’ he calls it.   I like old Fred.   He and Bambi struggle, and struggle,  just to keep their noses above the water.   To have the rent.  To keep the gas turned on.  Not to mention the electricity.  Many people just let the gas shut off in the summer time.

The whole neighborhood is hustling in this manner.  Today Chrissy did my dishes for what I had on me, which was $1.85.   Bambi really cleans up good, but I am spoiling her.. but I like her.   She came up and cared for me when I got out of the hospital, helpless as a kitten,  knocked out and in the Ozone from pain killers.   She never ripped me off, which is surprising,  and always was grateful for whatever I gave her, even when I had next to nothing to give.  I will always remember this woman.

The poor people can get along- sometimes.  But sometimes, they drop into a pit, and man, there ain’t no gettin’ out of it.  The poor will go to jail again and again, for the most petty crimes.  That is because they are slap happy, like these dogs that have been kicked again, and again.