Kansas City East Side Crime Map

Meanwhile.. here is a map of Northeast crime.  This is the Murder Factory Area.  The little car icons are Auto Theft. The fists are assaults.  The masks are burglaries.  The olive like little lock icons are drug arrests.  Dunno what the numbers mean.  The whistles are arrests.  So.. you can get the idea.  This is the crime action for only 10 days on the East Side.  This is a small part of Kansas City holy cats.

Northeast Crime Map

What is GOOD about Northeast?

What is GOOD about this place?  Well if you like Mexican food it is great, LOL.  Up and down Independence Avenue there are lots of businesses.  Grocery- Price Chopper, Aldi X2 (at each end of Northeast),  Sav A Lot over on Truman road.. AND.. a whole bunch of smaller Mexican food stores.  Actually,  the Mexicano food stores compare in size to Aldi.  San Antonio has a Taqueria in it, that makes Mexican food.  He does a brisk business,  outpacing many of the smaller restaurants.  Hmm.  There are 3 Mexican full size grocery stores.  So that brings it up to 8 grocery stores in about 3-4 miles.  That’s not bad at all.  If I had no car, I could still do O.K. in Northeast.

For example:  I get the online/mailbox flyers from Price Chopper, Sav A Lot, and Aldi.  The Mexicano stores don’t have online flyers (that I know of).  I go to all three stores easily.  West End- Price Chopper and Aldi.  I go over to Truman (4 blocks) and pick up what I want at Sav A Lot.   It’s so convenient that I will often go to a store for ONE item.  Today I went to Sav A Lot to buy Peter Pan Peanut Butter on sale $1.29.  The Mexican grocers have sales, but you have to go into the store to find out about them.

There’s 3 Auto Parts stores in about 2 miles of the Avenue.  It’s not nearly as hard to negotiate as say, Noland Road.  I went over to Overland Park to get computer parts at Micro Center.  It was a LONG way to drive, and much more complicated accessing the store from the big 4 lane road with concrete median in it.

Over on St. John there are more Mexican restaurants, and small markets.  There’s McDonald’s X2,  Hardee’s and Wendy’s.  There are a few other hamburger places.  Humdingers and another one by the Admiral Hotel.  There is Teresa’s drive in.

So if you keep your nose clean, and don’t mess around, it can be O.K.  It is getting a little better as the pimps and drug dealers get packed off to prison.  The thing about them, is that they do NOT quit.  They’ll get packed off, and get out and do the same lifestyle all over again, until they get busted, again.

Farmer’s Market down on the old River Quay district is there.  It’s alright, but I rarely go down there.   I stay within a few blocks, and get most of my needs satisfied.

The Mexican grocers, actually have competitive prices.  I had to have a box of crackers a few nights ago.  They were $1 (Always Save Brand).  Fair enough.  Cheaper than 7-11.  They have pretty long hours too.  Open at 7AM, then closing at 10PM.  So not bad.

There ARE drugs, and sometimes fights.  Dunno what that is about, and I don’t want to find out, not really.

Predation of the Poor in Missouri

The poor always pay the freight.  The USA is designed that way!


This is spot on.  I got a parking ticket for $72.  Couldn’t afford to get the tags right away, let them expire, and brother they just started HAMMERING ME.  They just hammer, hammer, HAMMER the poor!  The VA hammers the poor.  THEY HAMMER THE FUCK OUT OF THE POOR in the USA.

The way the city operates, the way it is set up, it legitimizes local crime enthusiasts.  “The government sucks, so let’s all be anarchists.”  Something like that.

It’s the same in Kansas City.  The USA is a great place- if you got money.  Well, it’s sort of O.K.  I drove all over it in that Semi Truck.  Eh..same old..same old.  The West coast is the best by far.

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Let’s get miserable for the New Year

Last year was full of crap, now the New Year will be full of crap.  I get back from the V.A.  Where many idiot veterans are full of anti- Obama slogans.

There is just no hope for this world.  No hope on earth.

That NO GOOD Obama!

  • Gas is $2 a gallon.  That bum Obama.
  • Osama Bin Laden not present on earth.  That bum Obama.
  • Not a word of scandal in 8 years. Obama sucks.
  • Tornado victims rescued. That bum Obama.

Secret resentment and hatred.  People using the media, money, and everything else to sew the seeds of discontent.  People do not want peace and stability.  They want a thrill ride.  As long as it don’t happen to them, that is.   It was ugly last year, and it will be ugly this year.  America is a ugly place.  I am grateful to have Barack Obama for a president.  Grateful! 

The way people are sick, it is like a epidemic.  At the VA meeting, one fellow has lost his foot, young, much younger than me.  My friend KC is in the hospital, and KC’s dad just had a stent put in his heart.   The soldiers, we are America’s dumb beasts being fed full of shit by Politicians:  LIKE THE REPUBLICANS, THAT IS.

What gets me is, it works.  It really works on people. The ones that would be hurt the most,  swallow that shit hook, line, and sinker.  Life is full of terror for many people around here.  They get into trouble with payday loan companies.  They get their utilities shut off,  they go to jail on miniscule beefs- traffic tickets.

Christmas in the Suburbs

I go to the suburbs to have Christmas dinner.  Holy cats it is like going to BEVERLY HILLS or something.  There was cheese, cornish hens, dinner rolls and cake.  Compare that to a can o’ beans and some peanut butter.

Plus you don’t got to constantly look out the window to see if your car is still there.  No bug bites either. These people are from Arizona, which has got it all over Misery.

It is so good to see my relatives, even though I email and call them all the time, it is very good to see them in person!

I am so glad I went,  I was so fuckin’ depressed I was gonna get a Church’s chicken and stay home.