Murderin’ Gun Freaks

Last night a guy gets killed right in front of a group of kids at 5th and Quincy, which is not far from my place.   It is not only the crazo in Colorado.. it is idiots that are jealous over women, fighting over insults,  and a bunch of other flimsy excuses to take another person’s life.

People are just determined to make this world a HELL ON EARTH.  They are just determined to make life unhappy, because they are such unhappy people themselves.

It isn’t just guns, but their EGOTISM..and their determination to foist their bullshit philosophy on other people.   I’ve had such things happens.. had people show me that they “had a gun”.  LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO IMPRESS ME OR SOMETHING.

Crime in other countries?  The USA is full of people, that are full of crap.  They argue, argue, and argue.  It’s people’s egotism that is the problem.   A egotism, and lack of respect for others.


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