Surgery at the VA

Yesterday I had surgery at the VA medical Center.  Basically, they rebuilt my shoulder.  They also did a cubital tunnel procedure on my elbow.  I am using Dragon dictate, a speech to text program to write this since my right arm is immobile.  This program is pretty good.  My voice is very hoarse from the anesthesia.  This program still picks up the correct spelling.  From my voice.  There are a few mistakes, which I think I’m going to leave in here just to show how well the program works.

The VA hospitals are training hospitals, but the stuff they’ve done on me has usually been pretty good.  I’m hoping this will solve my problems since my arm was getting weaker and weaker.

The microphone headset that you use with Dragon makes a lot of difference I am using a RadioShack headset that has a Sennheiser mic element.  It works pretty good.  I have to use the mouse left-handed and speak to typed text into the window.  It works pretty good.

My sister calls me, she nearly died during her surgery.  The health problems of people that I know in my life are very frightening.  Old Dave Singleton took me down there, bless his heart.  Dave is 75 years old.  He’s real salt of the earth thank God for people like him. He just got fired from his job.  They’re trying to fuck him over on his unemployment.

He is solid and can be counted on.  These local girls around here are always screwing him over.  He took me down the hospital and waited all day, from 5 AM until 4 PM he wouldn’t take any money from me.  Not even 20 bucks, and he’s unemployed.  Hell, my brother would not take off work to take me down there.  He was afraid of losing his job.

You do not see Mr. Dave Singleton in the newspaper today or any day of the week.  He is more valuable to me than Bill Clinton was, that is for sure.  I am so tired of seeing the news with the same old people in Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Secret Service scandal, Peyton Manning.  The NFL, etc.  I don’t even watch football anymore.  It’s just these millionaires being horse traded.  I think I’ll go outside and watch that cat climb a tree.  Payton cannot climb like that, neither can George Bush.


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