The Prayer for the Sick and Dying

I take Fred to the hospital… waiting for my Rotator cuff and Ulnar nerve surgery.  The Republicans curse Mr. Obama.   My sister doing better after surgery that nearly killed her.

What do I read on the “news”?  That Ted Nugent- AGAIN!  I feel exactly about Ted Nugent as he feels about Barack Obama.  I guess ANY publicity is good publicity.  Go  figure.

Half the people I know have serious health problems- the other half are victims of crime, and I mean serious crime.   People always go on about the crime in other countries, but it happens around here too.   Right now, in this spot, it has been peaceful.  I mean- right on this block.

The republican Caricatures line up for the election.. the sickening U.S. elections.   The world is this.. orgy of selfishness.

Local losers walk up and down the street, the same old ones.  The same old losers are in the news.

Last night, about 7:14 pm I heard shots.. 5 rapid pops..then 5 or more, sounded different, like a different weapon.   Sounded- a couple blocks south of here.  Yep.

There was another murder over on North Wheeling.. about 2 miles from here.. shit.  Probably some sort of rip off.  People are fearful here.. uptight.

How I wish my blog could be more lighthearted– but life is not that way around here.  The biggest comfort I know is prayer.   I pray for people- I pray for them all.


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