Saturday at noon,  go get something to eat.   As I leave, the regulars are coming  out on the stoop.  Charles has a white plastic sack, with fifth of cheap bourbon in it.   I drove down the avenue, where a lone street preacher was preaching the gospel in Spanish, to whoever would listen,  which was nobody, at least so far.

The preacher’s children were sitting on the bare, hot concrete of the parking lot.  His wife was sitting in a folding chair, attentive.    Mexican vendors were in the empty parking lots,  cooking grilled chicken over wood fires.   Big grey plumes of smoke marked them for blocks.   They make some GOOD chicken,  let me tell you.   The usual hookers walking around, and some new ones too.  I parked the car on the side of my favorite restaurant,  Flor de Chiapas.  It is run by a Mexican family,  from Chiapas, of course.  Previously it had been called “Super Pollo”.  Then, the owner had gotten busted, and the police discovered many kilos of cocaine stashed in the cinder block walls.   I order three tacos,  and they are as usual,  very good.

Down at the end building hot, loud words, as the argument from Friday night continues.   Call me a racist,  call me what you will,  NO ONE fights like blacks do.   It’s that ghetto, “I don’t take no shit off nobody.” They really get into it,  and when it starts, it is time to RUN.   Conversely,  blacks can be very sweet,  very considerate.

Hmm.. on the other hand, most serial killers are white.  The really bad ones,  like Gerald  Stano, or Pee Wee Gaskins,  they were white.    Pee Wee Gaskinz might may well have been, the meanest person who ever lived.   It’s hard to believe someone could be so mean!

It takes time to get used to people.  A long time.  They’re always fighting..who did what to who, who ripped off whom.   *Groann*   Who knows why things happened?  You are just a witness, that is all.   You sort of witness people.

Craig-O Gets His TVee stolen

Now Craig-o gets his TVee stolen.  That’s what he gets for being friendly around here.   He has a terminal condition,  cancer.  Or at least,  he has been saying that for a year.  He’s got that one eye all clouded over like he can’t see out of it,  there is a film over the eye.  He lives over in the building next door,  which is good,  he can’t knock on my door and bug me.  Not that I mind.  You get used to him.  He is just lonely,  but he kind of bugs you.

He gets drunk, likes to drink,  and leave his door open so he won’t miss out on the “action party.”  Well he got some action,  all right.   The same action you would get with a pack o’ wolves.  The people in the other building, the one just north of me,  got some “action” too.   A woman whops her husband (boyfriend, or whatever) in the head with some object,  hurts him,  and the cops come and take HER away.

Oh well.. the world is NUTS.. just about everywhere you go!

Write about what you “know”

Write about what you “know”.  Ok.  I finally found that damn dead mouse that was stinking up the place.  I stopped at that Mexican ice cream place on Hardesty- eh, it’s overpriced.   I talk to this one girl today,  who I will not even give a nickname,   her own father turned her out,  and had her prostituting down in the bottoms.

I had to look up Dramatica’s “Subjective and Objective”.  Why don’t they just say “opinion and fact’?  Or  ‘perception and reality’ ? Their damn jargon drives me nuts and I can’t write a single sentence without running for the dictionary.

Hmm.  In this post there is no “contagonist” no “sidekick” and no “story mind”.   There seems no “reason” character in the world.  Unlike Charlie Chan,  nobody wants to solve the crime.   They are fighting such a battle themselves, they can’t stop to look up.

There is NO “Mr. Spock” reason character in the WHOLE world.  Everything and everyone is driven by their emotions.  Some are just more.. deluded than others.

Now my car,  it is objective.  No electricity?  No start.  Plastic shit breaks?  You got to fix it.   Belt breaks?  The alternator won’t turn.  People?  Everyone is driven by emotions, and usually,  they feel like crap.  They “deal” with each other.

I talk to Dave,  this one crazy dude that had one of those weenie ’emergency’ tires on the left rear of his car for months.. until he sold the car!  I used to drive myself nuts picturing him flippin’ that car over.   Said he couldn’t afford to fix it.

I “know'” about the diabetics who died in this building.   They kept on smoking and smoking,  then suddenly.. POW..they keeled over.  Poor Sue I can’t get over that.. she was a decent and good woman.  Her kids were very good kids.  Now,  they are in a home.

There must be another dead mouse somewhere..drat.

The Diary of a Drop in the Bucket

That’s me.  Friends? Are you kidding.  Like a pack of wolves,  snarling and tugging at the corpse of a dead elk are people in Northeast.  My incentive for bloggin?  I bought this fuckin’ computer, and by God I am gonna get my moneysworth out of it!

You can sum up my life, when you hear that drop of water hit the bottom of the pail.  “Dink”   Yep.. that was it.

The Car people finally get a house!

The people living in that Ford Explorer finally get a house!  I am so thrilled for them.  FINALLY…  I thought they were gonna be out there for EVER.  YAY!  Dunno what the deal was.  Poor and black,  they had kids and everything.  Sweltering in this goddam heat that one lady was getting around on one of those Robins..those electric chairs, ‘cos her knees are all jacked up.

Probably this program or that, and I am GLAD that they have such programs.  GLAD that these people got a house to live in!   I don’t give a FUCK what the federal deficit is.. I don’t care if all the Republicans lose their horsies!

Not that there aren’t poor white people.   There are also poor Mexicans,  poor Indians,  poor Asians,  and just about EVERY thing poor in this neighborhood.

“Journal of the Imaginative Depressed”..that is what I ought to call my blog.

There are some delights,  I suppose.  I just had some great Pollo al Carbon from the Mexicanos cooking it up in the parking lot stand they have set up.  YUMMY!  And it is real “al carbon” which means cooked over a wood or charcoal fire.  I put some of my own salsa on it,  slathered it up and it was tasty.  They want $8 for 1/2 of a chicken,  but I bargain a little with them.

When it comes too cooking,  the Mexicanos don’t mess around.   How I love it.

HBO Series “True Detective”

I am watching “True Detective” the HBO series with Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mconaughey.   It’s pretty good.. but not as good as the soap opera around here.  People are brave, that is what I think.  They ALL are.

They fight it out.. trying to get just the basic things, and not getting busted or sick, or injured.  They fight it out all the time,  money problems,  crime,  transportation problems.   There are conflicts,  emotional conflicts sometimes.   Fights.

My sister undergoing more medical “procedures” next week.  Like torture!  I am scared of doctors, scared of them!

I want to be a writer..write stories.  BUT.. I cannot make up anything that compares to real life.   I mean the hassles people go through.  Vexing problems.  Financial losses.  Most of all, misunderstanding.

“True Detective” is good,  not as good as “The Wire” or “Deadwood” or “Carnivale”.    It is like comparing apples to oranges, really.   I like old time radio plays,  detective movies such as “Charlie Chan.”

It’s a combination.  Dialog.  Timing, acting, and videography or sound.  My whole life I have loved books, and always read anything I could get my hands on.   I’ve always preferred it to just about anything.

Today’s News- The Poor get WHOPPED some more

I do not know why the Politicians just don’t come up with another “Action T4.”  I live in a seedy dump,  like a Hamster cage.   Actually, when I write, I am running on my hamster wheel.

The border?  NONE of the Mexicanos are eager to come up here,  except the dope dealers, and a few people that got run out by the ladrones down there.

They came from crime down in Mexico, to experience it some more up in the USA!

The USA is about as interesting as a discarded coke cup.

What I can’t get over is the way the poor,  just HATE the poor!  They’ll rat one another all the time.  They offer themselves up to the rich, sacrifice themselves,  as if the rich are going to give them some kind of reward.  Shane lost all his disability money that took so long to come.  He thought he had it made when he had whatever it was,  $20,000.   He found out different.   He got injured many years ago in a fall from a roof.   His leg is incredibly broken,  it kinks in two places from the compound fracture.  His leg is in kind of a “S” curve.     Now he is broke,  and people are yukkin it up at him.   I guess people think if they curse one another,  it will lessen their own affliction.  Not only do people ignore the pain that others experience- they make light of it.

Even old Fred.  Man how he got NAILED he was in the hospital for 3 weeks,  nearly died.  His illnesses getting worse.   It is scary,  watching these people’s lives explode before their very eyes.   Linda Romero is walking around,  walking and walking, I guess until she is gonna keel over.  When I think of them,  I get my relief by praying for them.

It’s like getting squeezed in a garlic press.  Let us squeeze and squeeze, until the last  drop of blood drips out.  Then,  the husk goes into the trash.