Whop the Poor and Disabled

Now the blitzkrieg on the cars in this HUD building is at a crescendo.  The tow truck lurks, and nails anyone’s car that ain’t got a sticker.  If others are like me- man that is all that they’ve got!  Now to get to the VA hospital on the BUS.  What if I have to go to the E.R.?  It is MONEY for that Tow lot operator.  He lurks both night and day.  A shouting match outside when he tries to tow a visitor’s car.  Then, he gets one guy, a resident out front today, Sunday, about 2PM.

America is a place of incompetence, it is not just Trump.  A place of uncaring, and incompetence.  They fired the building director for “something”.   The same old drunks are in the building, broken glass all over the bus stop.


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