Easy Off Fume Free

Easy Off, Fume Free, and I am cleaning that oven. In case these Nazis that are running the HUD “Housing for the Disabled” are planning another Blitzkrieg. They evicted one guy who was a double amputee for being a slob. Hah! That lazy bum, it’s all “his own fault”. The demented residents are quick to take up the cry against him.  I will never cease to be amazed at how, the poor or afflicted, are so quick to attack another afflicted person.  Every sod that is in this building thinks he is some superior being,  and he is “different” from the other sods.  Every living creature on this earth is some kind of egotist.  It will do as it damn well pleases, and to hell with you, or any other creature.

Before:Before.JPGafter 1.JPGAFTER.   Whoop.. I left a little in there,
I have the oven burning it off now.  I wiped it out with vinegar and water.  Got EASY OFF on the elements too..but I wiped them down.  Eh.. worked O.K. and it is fume free.  Good enough for a bachelor man.  Gonna wipe out that white stuff and post again I am so proud of myself. 🙂

Here.. this was a 2 Hour job.. let the Easy Off Fume Free set on there for 2 hours.. here’s a little better shot.  Well, cleaner than it was!

clean 1.JPG



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