Light Rail NO! More Buses YES!


That light rail is gonna cost $220 million, for a 3.5 mile expansion.  The light rail is “cute” yes it is.  Nice.  But more buses would be far cheaper, and serve ordinary folks a lot better!

Each Bus with driver costs $400,000.  This is a pricey, but consider how many buses they could buy for $220 million.  560 buses with drivers salary. 

There are only 129 buses out there in the whole system every day!  If you’ve ever depended upon a bus route, and had to wait because you missed bus that runs every 45 minutes, you will know what I am talking about.  You’ll get stuck out in the cold/heat.  Plus you will be late for work.  The TROOSTMAX is the best route, how I wish they were all like the Troostmax!  It’s just step on/step off.  Do your business.  Step back on. No problem.

The Buses can be switched around to different routes.  The Light Rail is fixed, and cannot be changed.  The Buses can be sold off quickly, the Light Rail cannot be sold so easily.  Just simply, more buses and drivers, is a better deal for the average users, which are the poor, in general.  People going to work, going to the hospital, etc.

I’ve rode the light rail.  It is cute.  Sleek.  It is FUN.  But it isn’t FAST.  It goes just as slowly as Bus does.  Actually, the Bus seats are more comfortable.  The light rail has hard plastic seats.  I like the KCATA buses.  They are not bad at all.


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