Vote NO On the Light Rail Expansion

Streetcar Front nose.JPG

That Light Rail expansion isn’t the best idea. Less than 6,000 voters are going to decide it’s fate. The cost is $227 million dollars. For that, they could buy 560 buses, with drivers. These are the long buses. Only 129 buses are operating now in the whole system!  Each bus and driver cost $400,000.  The Churches are coming out against it, very sensible. The Light Rail is cool, so is Worlds of Fun. But it’s no everyday solution for ordinary folks like myself. The Bus system could have a wonderful upgrade, for far less money.

The 47 Bus needs more buses on it, about 4 more buses and they would have 15 minute service on it.  It has 45 minute service now.  There are numerous upgrades they could make, simply by adding on more buses.  It isn’t a spectacular solution to transit problems, but a simple, sturdy, and flexible one.  You cannot simply reroute a Light Rail, nor create a new route where one is needed.  So my vote is NO.

I am eager for a solutions to transportation problems.  Light Rail isn’t the answer.  I think adding more buses is the best idea.  I’ve rode the Light Rail.  Pretty cool.  Cute.  But not as efficient and flexible as a Bus.



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