Tostadas a Quick Cheapy- and GOOD!

I decided to try some Tostadas.  I would always see the shells at the store.  I was unfamiliar with them.  The first time I tried them, I baked them in the oven.  They were good, but they took long, and I sort of overcooked them.  I looked up the Microwave directions. mexipizzas1-400x266.jpg I made some ground beef with a little pepper, a little Sazon Perfecta spice.  I cut up some cilantro and sliced a lime in half.  I simply put three of these on a plate, edges touching but apart, and microwaved them for 45 seconds.  Well it’s a real winner! I will make them again, they were very good.  For only $1 there are at least 2 dozen in there and maybe more.  When microwaved they are the same as the oven.  Warm, and very crunchy, not tough or limp.  Refried beans are a popular choice to spread on the Tostada, because they are sticky and anchor the other ingredients, but you don’t have to.  Eat them over a paper plate!  Avocado, tomato and cheese are popular toppings.  You can put bananas on them if you want.  They are very economical.

I got a jar of jalapeno from Dollar Tree.  When I made the ground beef for the last batch of tacos, I made them in the jalapeno juice.  It was very good.  I liked it a lot.



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