Let’s keep..STOMPIN the POOR

I live at a HUD project now.  It has a fenced in parking lot for the residences.  Well, the managers got mad at the residents, and went through the lot.  Anyone with expired tags, they towed.  So be warned about HUD projects.  They are kind of like.. institutions.  They gave a 24 hour notice, and that set everyone runnin’.  Most of the residents are so poor they have a lot of trouble keeping their car licenses up.  Cars are expensive to own.

They had a Blitzkrieg at the Housing project, as the tow services have a field day towing the cars.  Most people, including me, will never get their cars back as the scamming tow service starts charging for the cars.  Then, a bullshit meeting, where everybody gets their 2 cents in. Mostly, about people peeing on the elevators. Most of the residents are old, sick, in wheelchairs and everything else.  Of all the scams I endured in Northeast, and other poor neighborhoods, the Housing Authority of Kansas City hurt me the worst.

hamp being towed again.JPGflatbed.JPGtow service flatbed.JPG

HAKC likes that money.  The Housing Authority of Kansas City.  They come at midnight, just before the hour of midnight.  Towed mine.  Hell I dont have the money to get it out of there!  I was going to sell it to Pick N Pull this morning.

Cars are expensive.   At $250 per car, I wonder if Regina and Chrissy get a piece of the action?  At least when the cars are sold.   How I wish Trump and others, would get a taste of these indignities.

I got in here as a Veteran.  But Patriotic? I am hardly patriotic.  It’s about the money.  I care about Trump about like he cares about me.   The Housing Projects fuck people over just like any other slum lord does.


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