DollarTree Mexican Food Supplies


DollarTree has sleeves of the ready made tostadas, and also 24ct Corn Tortillas for a $1, of course. Just made some of corn tortilla tacos w/cilantro. MW’d the tacos between damp paper towels for 40 seconds. GOOD! This is a very GOOD bargain, especially the Tostadas and I am gonna get some. What a nice little meal that was.

DollarTree has the poor/middle class/average person well targeted, for the best price.  They hit me right where I live, and have the stuff I need.  Name brand soda pop and candies.  Little one-person pizza crusts that no one else has, at a rock bottom price.  They carry all the stuff to make pizza, as well as cleaning supplies, OTC medicines, toilet paper supplies, plastic storage bags and trash bags, etc.  It is a well thought out enterprise.


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