DollarTree Shrimp

Shrimp Investigation– I try out the DollarTree shrimp. Verdict? GOOD! Gonna buy more today. This is 2 boxes- $2 worth. 16 shrimp in all. As good as shrimp from say, Texas Toms! $2 says it all. I tentatively.. ate the first one. Then- I wolfed ’em right down! Paula would like these, and they are certainly affordable. Another box and you are talking full meal. In fact, this would be a full meal, with fries, at many places. They are not “Red Lobster” quality, but very acceptable, enjoyable! Gonna try out the Tempura ones as soon as I can..they have a Tempura style.  This is two bucks worth..not bad at all!   Cooked in the regular electric oven at 450F on cooking mesh, for  11 minutes.Shrimp done w sauce.JPGShrimp ready to cook.JPGShrimp w spoon GOOD.JPG


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