DollarTree PIZZA

DollarTree has developed a cult following. Today, I take the Bus into HISTORY! As I gonna pick up some ‘cos this month it is tight..and I dont wanna eat beans for a week. Chris Rhonda-Lee Smith why did you come over here? We live like these damn mice.

DT pizza.png

Update: Tried it out and it sucked.  The DollarTree “Pizza Blend” cheese would never melt down, it burnt before it would melt.  Stayed in wispy pieces.   I had these little 7″ Pizza crusts- they were very ordinary and bland tasting. Didnt try out the DollarTree pepperoni.  What a waste of money.  So, invest in GOOD Kraft Mozzarella, if you ever try this.   The DT pizza sauce was to my liking,  however.


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