Bus Adventure- June 12th

I take the old 47, a  very dicey bus that always breaks down, is always late, to the grocer.  Across Emmanuel Cleaver, to Troost, to Armour, and back.  I decided to chance it, and get a big pail of that cheap ice cream.. uh oh!  When I get back to Cleaver to take the ice cream back again, well… the stuff’s melted down.  The driver way behind schedule, and it ain’t his fault.  There’s simply not enough buses on this long, grueling route.  If I were a bus driver I would hate to work this route.  It’s too long, there’s too much stuff that can happen, and too many wheelchairs that have be helped on and off.  It slows down the route.  Everyone is knocking the drivers and employees- but it ain’t there fault.  Not enough buses on the route,  that’s the problem.




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