People are a bunch o’ Creeps

wolf snarl.jpg

That’s my take on it.  They just are. They are selfish creeps.  They are just out to get one another, and the world is getting crueler and crueler.  I work on my Unity games, but I like to write the best.

The geezers in this building are always keeling over.  The guy two doors down died.

Meanwhile, the little shitbird maintenance guy loves to fuck with people around here.  He’s got those “I’m in the Tea Party” stickers all over his truck.  Enjoys fucking with the oldsters on disability.  Bumper stickers going on about how many guns he’s got.  GUNS.. yes.. GUNS.  I like “nukes”.   I’d like to have a nuke in my pocket.  Just a little “ladies” nuke.  One of the 5Kton tactical nuclear warheads like we had on our ship.  Ahhh.  I used to sleep right next to ’em.  He thinks he is gonna  “save America” by making sure the poor people don’t get no money.   It’s a sadistic streak.  Some people are born sadists.  Perhaps all of them are, but some more than others.

I told ’em to give me the money from just ONE round of say, the new Naval cannons.  A cool $1 million each.  At the V.A., they are always telling me that they “love me so much.”

So what if there is cancer?  Most people are going to hell anyways.  They think if they become more selfish, get an angle on the other guy, they are validating themselves as some “superior being”.

You can get the HUD buildings, but boy do they like to fuck people.  Always snooping around.  The security guards are just as poor as the people in the building.  They can’t afford to get plates on their car.  Often- they are sick themselves, and ought to be on disability.  But Trump’s gonna fuck with that.

I was in the USN..and go to the V.A.  I am not what you call patriotic.  That’s an invention.  The USA is one of many, random places I might have been born.

People are all selfish.  They are all, some kind of “fucked”.  I wonder if the TV and Internet actually improve life.  All day long there are people talking that I don’t want to hear, things I don’t want to see.  “Important Messages” that I don’t give a fuck about.


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