Boy that is a great store.  The Apple Market closed down.  There is Aldi and Sav A Lot to get to on the bus.  AND.. the DollarTree.  DollarTree anticipates the everyday needs of people very well.  Cheap laundry soap, drain cleaner, soap, and lots of cheap, but quality snacks.  Their coffee sucks, but I can get by with it.

I like the frozen Nathan’s Beef Hot dogs.  They have a great selection of cake pans and kitchen utensils.  They have a lot of common health items, like Rantidene,  Vitamins, toothpaste, mouthwash.  They are MUCH better than the $1 Aisle at the grocer.

On YouTube, their products are reviewed extensively.  There’s almost a cult of people reviewing their products.  They even have a $1 Ribeye.  Yep, it’s a real ribeye, though thin.  The Banquet Frozen breakfasts are very good.

This store does a fine job of meeting everyday demands, for the lowest price.  I have a stash of those Nathan Hot dogs in my freezer, and the little Banquet breakfasts.  I never have to venture further than this store,  except for my main stock of groceries.. fruit, vegetables, meats.  DollarTree even has passable MILK.  It’s some sort of milk that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, but it is serviceable.

Adventures of the Poor

Man.. I go on Facebook these days and write.  I write a LOT.  It’s the same theme as my blog, mostly.  Problems of America’s poor.  MOST people are poor in the USA.  The million dollar salaries, etc.  Even median salaries.. what the ‘middle class’ is supposed to make.  Well, it ain’t happening.

Many people are sick, and have big problems.  Like cancer.  Cancer is a scourge here.  There is a random sort of violence that crops up.  Thank goodness, I know little of what this is about!  I keep to myself in my mouse hole.

Fuckin’ CARS.  I hate cars.  Used to love them.  WORSHIP THEM!  I like the Bus now, and would enjoy it if there were a more comprehensive mass transit system.