Micro People, Macro Problems

Laws that wealthy people step right over, just ensnare the poor, like a spider’s web.  Out there, the panhandlers are trying to get whatever they can.  The cops go out, and bust on them some more, and they are busted already! I am trying to get my car legal, it is a HASSLE.  If that bus ran frequently enough, I would just ditch the car.  One good thing, we don’t have the SMOG hassle, that California does.  In one respect, I like Trump.  There are too many rules and regulations.   That lady downstairs was getting sick, but I don’t dare give her my medications (she takes the same stuff I do).  Fearful of repercussions on just about everything you do and say.  Someone is gonna JUMP on your ass! Anything,  ANYTHING.. to make life complicated! 47 mad at bus stop 1.JPG


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