Micro People, Micro Problems

Laws that wealthy people step right over, just ensnare the poor, like a spider’s web.  Out there, the panhandlers are trying to get whatever they can.  The cops go out, and bust on them some more, and they are busted already! I am trying to get my car legal, it is a HASSLE.  If that bus ran frequently enough, I would just ditch the car.  One good thing, we don’t have the SMOG hassle, that California does.  In one respect, I like Trump.  There are too many rules and regulations.   That lady downstairs was getting sick, but I don’t dare give her my medications (she takes the same stuff I do).  Fearful of repercussions on just about everything you do and say.  Someone is gonna JUMP on your ass! Anything,  ANYTHING.. to make life complicated! 

The Hammer Tightens for the Old and Poor

Man, Eric Grietens policies are hitting home already.  I took one old lady to the Dollartree.  She takes Lisonpril,  and other meds for Blood pressure and hot flashes.  She is several days from getting her meds,  and has an attack on me.

I wonder what he calls his policy?  Aktion T4?  She starts to sweat, has to sit in the cold air.  Has one of those canes with the 4 feet on them.   It’s something, the Medicaid shutdown or whatever.


Urban Survival

They got you comin and going.  The State has a hand in just about everything you do.  Especially cars.  It’s just another way to kind of- get jumped.  Now Donald Trump is making so many enemies all over the world,  a U.S.  Passport is a liability!

That’s ‘cos Trump wants to keep us here and milk us, like CRABS in a barrel!