Brown Sugar Chop-My Fav Cheapies

Saw this idea elsewhere, so decided to try it out. Boy I am glad I did.  Just get some bone in Pork chops, I always wait until a good deal comes for center cuts…THEN..

  • Preheat broiler.
  • Put your favorite spices on Pork Chop.
  • Rub brown sugar on chop.  Don’t be shy! I use almost 3Tablespoons.
  • Put pats of Margarine or Butter on top to melt down onto Brown sugar.
  • Put in broiler for say, 6 minutes.

The bottom part that rests on the foil will rub the brown sugar you can lay pats of butter on the bottom side,  spread on the top side.

Turns out GREAT my best way to make them!  CHEAP, with a can of Lima beans cooked with butter melted into them.  Depends on price of Pork Chops.  This meal cost me about $1.33.  The margarine and fat melted into the brown sugar and spices makes a delicious sauce..though not a whole lot of it.  Good enough to dip the pork in.  It’s not nearly as sweet as you would think, either.



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