Micro Person X


My car has been licensed for a year.  Tags expired  BUT.. the front end jacked up.  Me and my cousin looked at it, it was the Control Arm Bushings, mainly.  What to do?  I’m too poor to even license it, and this happens a LOT to Micro People!  The security Guard’s neighbor paid $600 to get her car licensed, after letting the tags expire.

Well, I found a good guy on Craigs List.  I’ve always had success with mobile mechanics, but the degree has varied, and the price.  Man.. this guy was the best one YET!  I already had the parts from Ebay, but the bushings were so bad I was afraid to take the car across town.  A tow cost $90 to the shops, which are frankly,  rapists.

There are Lots of Micro People.  Many times, the Mobile Mechanics are Micro Persons themselves.  Just trying for some side money, then they get off of there.  This guy was great, did both sides for $100 oh what joy!  I gonna have him do the ball joints next, might as well do the whole front end.  It is aging,and it makes me feel safer!  What a day of luck for ME.  Micro Person X.


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