The Mexicanos

mexican tacos.jpgThe only thing I miss about Northeast is the Mexican restaurants.  “You know who” keeps forgetting about the cool stuff the Mexicans contribute.  Like their FOOD.  It is arguably the best cooking in all the world!  Cilantro, beef, onion and spices.  Pork marinated with pineapple.  Beans cooked down to perfection.  Jalapeno.  Mexicans built up this country!  The worked in all of the factories, farms, and have great literature and art.

Now Mr. “Bull-In-A-China-Closet” is messing it up! I miss their little family restaurants and stands.  I like the sound of their language being spoken.  This morning, I woke up with that craving.  Some lunch truck tacos, or maybe even a Mexican breakfast.  The Pollo Asado I had down in Mexico was the best stuff I ever ate! Now they persist in this foolishness.  Maybe, with that stupid wall, they will not let Americanos, down into Mexico!

As usual, the world is doing stuff that doesn’t suit me!  The outside world is a wild horse,  that does what it wants, all we can do is try to cope.  It is surely hard for us Micro Persons.



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