Bus Adventure Across Town

I take the 35 Bus across town to the VA.  Picking up Troostmax after a little park n ride, I take it North.  Then catch the Armour (35th), then take this bus, the 35 right to the door of the VA Medical Center.  The 35 is a 1/2 hour bus, so you got to catch it just right.  The TroostMax is a fast and frequent bus, so I never bother to even check the schedule, usually.  The 35 wasn’t very punctual, but I caught it anyways.  Here is why, even when I get my car straightened out, I gonna keep taking the BUS.

I eat a Burger King before I get on the bus.  One guy wipes out the other guy’s car, and he didn’t have insurance.  The cop comes and straightens things out, one guy in trouble.

I hop the 35 back to Troost.. stop at SavALot, stop at Dollar General on the way back, and then “safely” back at home to the gossipin’ sods in this building.


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