The Bus on Saturday and Sunday

The bus, on Saturday and Sunday runs every hour.  Meh.. it’s pretty unusable unless you can kill an hour’s time at the destination.  Done did my time in the Military.  Back when I was in, it wasn’t a very popular thing to do.  But seeing the Goose stepping zeal that the Government hyped up, when it got threatened, now, it’s a good thing to do!  The films being made these days, and the depictions of military life, are far, far different than the 70’s.  We didn’t get paid shit, either.  An E-4 made about $460 a month, if I remember right.  Jeez nowadays the average Military person makes $41,000 a year!

We weren’t particularly proud.  Most people wanted to do their time, and get out.  The Chicago got mothballed after I got out.  Eh, it was hard work!  We went all over the place, but not to a lot of ports.  Like prison, that is what it was like.  The food wasn’t very good.  Very “institutional” food.  Morale was low, very low.  We carried small tactical nukes.  I didn’t work on these.  Worked on the Tartar Radar.  It was more like.. “Lord of the Flies” than anything else. Now that the government is filled with Republican 4F’s, draft dodgers, and deferrments, I’m filled with resentment.  What were we were protecting?  What were we defending?  I don’t think the USA is the greatest country in the world.  I’m not proud of it, nor it’s people. Selfish.  We defended.. “Selfish”.  Is that something to kill or die for?  We defended..”no one gives a shit, about anyone else.”  And by God I’ll DIE for it!

Long cruises on water hours.  Constant work on that old tub.  We used to call it “The Pig-11”.  We cooked our own food, dumped the garbage, chipped paint constantly.  Constantly painting that thing.  The Snipes had it the worst.  The men down in the engine rooms.  There was none of this, goose stepping, breast beating like today! NO one was impressed with us.  Not when we were in, nor when we got out. DN-SC-90-03977



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