Bus Adventure- The Swashbucklers

There’s a Warrant out, for Ignatz Mouse.  This is the dude that likes to throw bricks through all the windows. They got his poster plastered all over the place.  As I go out, there is a big fracas going on.  Floor #3.  Yelling.  When I get downstairs the cops are there.  Didnt ask what it was about.  I get on Bus and Park N ride it then go to Captain D’s.  I gotta big bunch of coupons from the papers, I get a 2 pc fish, then get on the bus and head back. Old Ron is selling the food he gets, so I buy a nice salad mix, one of those custom jobs, and a big Veggie tray for $2.  Later, I buy from him a big chocolate cake for $1.10.

He tells me what the fracas was about.  That Marlin was hustling on Denny this other dude, selling him the food the church gave him.  Denny gives him a $20 bill.  A counterfeit one, that is.   Marlin always hustling on everyone around here. If you scam someone around here, well, it just gives them the opening to scam YOU. 


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