Bus Adventure- Before the #$@! Ice hits

Sav A Lot has chikin breasts on sale for 88cents.  So, being the Hog-For-Bargains that I am, I decide to do a little “Park N Ride” and slip up there.  I didn’t realize the weather was gonna be cold this weekend. I bring my shopping cart down and load it up.  Yup, it’s one of the old lady carts.  One of the most useful things I own!  I use it for lots of stuff.

I buy some stuff from the store, then park the car there for about 20 minutes.  The TroostMAX is a fast bus.  It really ain’t bad!  If all buses were this fast- I wouldn’t own this car at all.  SavALot was packed. On the way I stopped at Dollartree for some smokes,  on TroostMax it is easy.  Step on.  Step off.  Not bad!

Bus day.JPG




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