The FAST Bus Routes

These are the MAX buses..they are the FAST way through the city.  The TroostMAX is a good one.  It is just bus after bus.  NOTE:  MAX BUSES (the RED ONES) only stop at MAX stops, which are identified.  They are clear plastic little shelters, with a digital readout of information on the bus.  Note this diagram isn’t the exact route. When it gets close to downtown they kind of twist around the streets. But they ALL go downtown.  They ALL go on the main road.  TROOST.  MAIN STREET.  PROSPECT.  About every 10 minutes.  FAST.

The RED bus on the right hand photo is a MAX bus.  On the left, we have a MAX station. These are generally, bigger, faster buses.  The BLUE bus on the left will stop at every bus station sign, plus the MAX bus stops.  They too, are running the same route as the MAX buses. So, on these routes, it is just one bus after the other.  Step on.  Step off pretty much.


It’s too bad there is not a direct bus to Independence Avenue.  There is one, that runs at Cleveland and Blue Parkway, but it is a Hourly route.  So you’d better catch it on time.



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