Been Waitin on the Bus All Day

This is a collage from my “Bus Adventures” series on Facebook.  Well, I always had cars, cars,cars!  I still got a car, but needs a few repairs, tags.  BUT- what if I HAD no car?  What do people in Europe do?  I drove a Semi Truck for about 25 years.  Have 1.5 million safe miles.  After all the taxes and junk on the car, I live in the city, wouldnt it be better to just take the bus?  I got my VA Doctors to get me Share Fare qualified. That and Medicare gives you a real good discount.  There is also UBER, but I haven tried it ‘cos I dont got a Smart Phone. So I started using it, it’s not too bad!  I made several “Bus Adventure” Collages on Facebook, to illustrate what Mass Transit is like in America.  It could be better here, but it isn’t as bad as I thought it was.  Except for the Suburbs.  It’s very difficult out there.


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