The World of the Poor People

BUS people (3).JPG

I go to the DollarTree to get a night light and some bulbs.  I get a nice LED bulb for the desk lamp, 60watt it’s nice and bright.  Outside the DollarTree is that same lady.  She is trying to sell some sacks of groceries.  What’s unusual about it is that it’s stuff that she got from the church.  She wants $30 for it but, meh.  It’s just a bunch of canned stuff, and usually they give away the canned stuff that no one really wants.  Mixed vegetables, Pinto beans, etc.  She is featuring a ham, but it’s that water based ham, not a holiday ham.  She quickly comes down to $15, but no one wants it, at least, no one that was going into the store at that time.

That’s the second time I’ve seen her out there, she hangs around the food stores.  She says she is homeless, and I believe it.  I’ve seen people that dwell underneath the concrete stairs of warehouses, in the cubby hole down there.  At the Church’s chicken one time I saw a lady out there with a shopping cart.

She looks right, looks left, then darts underneath the steps to her lair.


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