A Day at the Races- by Davidx


Marlin comes up.  Eh, he can’t figure out his cell phone, and neither can I!  He forgot which carrier he uses.  I can’t figure out his phone number, or why it isn’t working, it is a government phone.  I try the IMEI.  Can’t get the number for that.  Try calling MY number but the call shuts off.  Two hours I try to fix it.  He lives by the seat of his pants, and often ends UP on the seat of his pants.

A few minutes before the elevators have shut down, because the automatic alarm went off on the 12th floor laundry room because of the smoke from the belts on the dryer.  The whole 12 story building was shut down.

I think he’s mixed up in crackhead action, with crackhead women, that is what I think.  He says.”that broad stole my charger!”. She’s got his food stamp card.  He’s probably sold his food stamps.  On and on.. so many people to steer clear of, really.  You’ll NEVER sort them out!  He got his truck stolen last month, found it when it was impounded.  The guy ain’t playing with a full deck.  The building is filled with disabled people.   People in this ‘hood are crazy, but that doesn’t mean, pander to them.  They can be dangerous, very dangerous.   You cannot start to like them, not right away.  They can get you into trouble.

I go get some Chinese food, 2 blocks away.  A big wreck right in front of the Chinese place.

Wreck at the Taco Bell

wreck-at-taco-bellI take a couple pix of the wreck, order Chinese Food and run into Sabrina.  How do I know Sabrina?  Met her while I was getting a bus pass at the KCATA.  At first, I thought her crazy or retarded, but she’s all right, smarter than she looks

She hits me for a ride, I decide to give her a ride.  She lives a couple blocks away and Give her a ride up the Paseo. Dealing with people is fast, and often Nutty.  That’s it.  Nutty.sabrina I guess want to show with this post is the sort of .. crazy way things are, the way they happen down here.  People lose shit all the time.  They spend HALF the time, just looking for their stuff!  “Where’s my phone?”….”my phone’s out of minutes.”… “Someone took my phone.”.. “Do you have a charger?”

There are cameras all over the building, installed!  NONE of the Security guards know how they work, or if they even work.  The Security guards didn’t know who to call to reset the Elevator, since the fire alarm shut down the elevator.  The Firemen didn’t know, either.  They had to get hold of the maintenance man.


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