Trump is President


Oh well.  I voted Democratic.  I always vote Democrat.  I wonder how this is going to affect life in the inner city?  SOME parts of the Inner city, are BETTER than some ‘hoods out in say, West Independence.  Today I am learning how to use the Bus system.  It is much more expensive than in say,  Europe.  A bus ride in the Ukraine is 13 cents.  The Metro is about 14 cents, and they have Trams, Mini buses, light rail.

That being said, the Kansas City ATA can be used, if you plan ahead.  It is sometimes late, sometimes on time.  The Buses are very nice, at least the ones I have been on.  I have never used it much.

The HUD housing for the disabled, I wonder if that will be cut out, in the Republikan blitzkrieg.  I wonder if there could be civil war in the United States, another one.  The USA is a young place.  Take a look at European history, and see if it couldn’t happen!  It just depends on how miserable Donald Trump will make Americans.

It’s the CAR centric living.  In the USA it is CAR CAR CAR!  They are expensive, and often you can go to jail for various stuff.  I’ve seen people that had old speeding tickets do their full jail sentence- because they can’t bail out of jail.  It’s like this subset of people getting whopped over and over again.

Now, I am studying the ATA.  Down here, even on the weekdays it runs on the 1/2 hour.  On weekends, it runs by the hour and is very inconvenient to use.  There is not a bus the runs straight down the Paseo, for example.  BUT.. they have other programs I am studying.  You have to PLAN PLAN ahead to use the bus.  If you are on Medicare, you can get a 1/2 price fare card..that makes it 75cents to ride the bus.  The Transfer is good for 2 hours.  In other words, you can get off the bus, then hop another bus and not have to pay again.


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