The Medieval Lives of American Poor

There are many poor people in the USA.  In fact, MOST people are poor.  KC is slowly..well she has cancer.  I line her up with some free food at a local church.  Some churches are very generous, but others, the ones in Northeast are hardly worth going to.  A jar of peanut butter, some macaroni, rice, beans, and canned goods that no one wants, such as Beets, Mixed vegetables.

It’s the gas money, she can’t make it there.  In the USA you MUST have a car.  Unless you live right on a bus line, you are screwed.  For example:  Independence Avenue to the VA Medical center.  You can get there, but getting back is quite a trick, with two transfers.  One on Troost, and one downtown.  Over an hour’s journey to go about 5 miles.

The church dinners in Northeast are often horrible.  With just cans of food mixed in with seemingly no rhyme or reason.  Some churches though, are very good.  The food made with the love.

The people eating there are often the most wretched in the whole city.   The people that sleep out of doors.  In the projects, it is better, but the people have very little money.  But it is a relief.  I wish they would build more project housing instead of other things.

Even when some people get their food, they have nowhere to store it.  A woman was trying to sell me her stuff the other day.  The poor age quickly.  They develop medical problems.  Sometimes, they have strokes and other major problems.  It is sometimes like, a horror movie, but I know there is worse in the world.  It makes me shudder, really.


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